Mountain of Madness

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Awakened from an induced year-long slumber, the nameless dwarf is tortured by memories of slaughter and must come to terms with who he has become: an outcast, a butcher, the most reviled of dwarven-kind.

As forces of unimaginable destruction coalesce around the mountain fortress of a mad sorcerer, the philosopher Aristodeus puts together a team for a last, desperate attempt to avert the coming cataclysm: a knight besieged by doubts, who has been prepared since a child for the current crisis, yet is crumbling under the pressure of the task before him; an albino assassin who denies the truth of what he really is; a woman with a black sword as disturbing as the axe responsible for the massacre at Arx Gravis; and a dwarf with no name, who will either carve out the path of his own redemption or condemn the world to a night that will never end.


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