The Mayhem Children

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Secrets Never Stay Silent

Six children disappeared. Psychopath Elvin Hayes was convicted and executed for the presumed murders. He went to his grave with the secrets of what happened to the children dubbed The Silent Six. 

Thirty years later, the six are no longer silent. A curse has been summoned. The children have come home to play a demonic game called The Mayhem. Detective Kim Strode must find out who conjured The Mayhem before it destroys everyone connected to the case.  

There’s one major problem. Kim is connected. Her father sent Elvin Hayes to the electric chair. 

The Mayhem Children, a terrifying tale of witchcraft, demons, and revenge, is an ode to classic 80s horror.

2 reviews for The Mayhem Children

  1. Tracey Rushton

    Brilliant. A great book with a pacey story line that keeps you listening.
    I enjoyed listening to this book, getting to know the characters, their back story and current roles In the problem.
    The author was able to draw you in and you can envisage what’s happening . It was definately a cant put down book.

  2. John Smith

    Truly disturbing!
    Such a great listen! Very well written, enough going on to keep you interested throughout, great characters and fantastically narrated by Tom who’s able to really express the mood and suspense with some great character voices! Really hope there’s more in the pipeline!
    This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.

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