Blue Chip – One Eyed Jack Book 4

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Professional blackmailer One Eyed Jack has few boundaries when it comes to choosing his targets: Embezzlers, philanderers, and scammers. They’re all fair game in his eyes. But when he dips his toe into the high stakes world of college football to target athletes who use performance enhancing drugs, he finds that the pond is far more toxic and dangerous than he thought. Betrayal, greed and murder abound in this fast paced thriller.

1 review for Blue Chip – One Eyed Jack Book 4

  1. John Smith

    “Everyone says they’re connected. Either to the mob or Kevin bacon.”
    Jack is always a great listen and this is no exception. Ok, so not being a football fan, some pages lost me a bit, but the tension and suspense parts really had me gripped (more even than the earlier books!), they were great!!
    As always, Tom knocks the narration out of the park; I’m not sure anyone could be a better Jack!
    Highly recommend this series!
    This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.

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