Slater’s Tempest

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Hurricane Irma tore through the Florida Keys in 2017, leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. Isla Dunbar set out ahead of the storm, determined to save the sailboat that carried her dead mother’s name. The “Caroline” went down 15 miles off the Florida coast, and Isla was presumed lost. But was she? Two tears later, Isla’s most prized possession, her mother’s necklace, appears on Roland Dunbar’s doorstep. Is it a cruel hoax, or could his daughter still be alive?

Eric Slater and his partner Maggie tackle their most perplexing case yet when they travel to the Keys, hoping to fulfill a dying man’s last wish and return his only heir. Maggie does battle with a shark, and Slater fight his own demons when Jasmine is attacked. Even “Old Eli” the ghost lends a hand.

1 review for Slater’s Tempest

  1. John Smith

    “ The world has an annoying habit of being what it is, not what we want it to be.”
    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these stories! Ok, so I know it’s listed under Romance which would usually deter me, but I wouldn’t class it as that; it’s much more mystery! Either way, they’re great books!
    Really well written, with great, enjoyable characters and storyline.
    As for narration, well Tom is one of my favourites so I’m biased! He has great character voices and really knows how to build the tension and atmosphere whenever the story requires it!
    I hope there’s more coming soon!
    This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.

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