The Night Calls: A Project Specter Mystery, Book 2

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Only in the darkness can you find light. 

A cold case of nearly three decades has kept Sam Strode in the dark. He promised a Jane Doe he would find her identity and make sure her killer was brought to justice. 

It never happened. 

Today, his daughter, Kim, works an eerily similar murder. As the investigation progresses, it becomes more apparent there are paranormal forces at work. Kim enlists the help of Project Specter, a secret organization with the purpose of protecting the world from darkness, to help solve the case. 

The case goes much deeper than murder. Kim has a debt to the darkness. And it’s come to collect. 

The Night Calls, the second book in the Project Specter Mysteries, is a terrifying tale of witchcraft, demons, and revenge, and an ode to classic ’80s horror. 

1 review for The Night Calls: A Project Specter Mystery, Book 2

  1. John Smith

    Tom Jordan does an amazing job with narrating!
    This was a great book and I’m really enjoying the series so far! There’s enough action, mystery and suspense to keep everyone interested and as mentioned above, the narration is brilliant!
    This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.

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