Russian Roulette – One Eyed Jack Book 2

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A washed-up trophy wife, a recklessly ambitious cop, and one very ticked off Russian mobster. Professional blackmailer John Sharp, AKA One Eyed Jack, is in the fight of his life, and engaged in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with his long-time nemesis. Surviving only by his cunning and street smarts, he must return to his painful past, and to the only person who can help him stop his archenemy once and for all.

1 review for Russian Roulette – One Eyed Jack Book 2

  1. John Smith

    As good as the first!
    Literally picks up moments after the first book finishes and just as good. Probably a bit more action focused and a lot more peril than the first!
    Again, Tom does a brilliant job narrating; great character voices, great atmospheric reading.
    Really hope there’s more to come.

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