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A self proclaimed professional reader, I read hundreds of books a year and listen to around one hundred a year. A lover of romance novels and Fiestaware dishes, I also have a tiny little blog that I'm still trying to be consistent in posting about all the books I love.
Favorite Audiobook
I can't pick just one!
Ava’s Blessing in Disguise “this was a cute little life lesson. at first, I wasn't sure where the story was going, what the point was, but it became clear right at the end. I haven't listened to or read the story that goes before this (the producers bride I believe) so I'm sure that would have help. but for a short little story, it was fine”
The Bridesmaid Gets Lucky “I adored this story! I was cracking up so many times, it was fantastic. It was light and cute but funny and sweet. A great length, not too long, but long enough to have the full story”
Run With My Heart “I didn't realize this took place during Christmas and I normally only read/listen to Christmas books in December. it's not a major part of the story, so it's not bad to listen to during any time of year. it's a pretty simple story with with a lesson. nothing too crazy. I really like that the author narrates her own books. and she's actually good at it!”
Christmas at the End of Main Street “this story was one of the cutest I've ever listened to. I loved it so much!!! The part with the stocking just melted my heart, it was so stinking sweet I like this narator, she doesn't try and over do it with the voices, it's more natural, and not forcing every character to sound different. it works”
One Hundred Reasons “I read this book before I actually listened to it, but I love the story. I love the whole series. I deducted one star for narration, but it's more because of personal preference. This was the first audiobook I've ever listened to where there is a male narrator doing the female parts. For the most part it wasn't bad. But when he was doing Katie and a female Southern Voice, it just didn't work for me. But other than that, his voice is an amazing to listen to. Especially the non dialog parts.”
One Hundred Heartbeats “even though I read the book before, I still found myself getting all misty-eyed. I love this story, it is definitely one of my favorites of the Aspen Cove series. I like the sound of this narrator's voice, but I just am not a fan of a man doing the female parts. It's just my personal preference. You get used to it once you're into the book, but if I had to choose I would have dual narrators for every book I listen to.”
One Hundred Wishes “I read this book a while back and I forgot how much I loved it! I think I'm finally getting used to a male narator doing a female part, because with this book, I barely noticed. He has such a great, deep voice, but I have noticed that I need to turn the speed up a touch when I listen to a book he does. no biggie though”
One Hundred Excuses “I read this book when it first came out, and I forgot how good this one was! I even got a little teared up at one point listening, that I don't think I did when reading.”
One Hundred Christmas Kisses “this was such a sweet Christmas story. short, but non stop. I loved it. it stars plenty of your favorites from aspen cove, without overwhelming you with names. this narator has done every book in the series so far (I'm pretty sure) and the more you listen, the more he grows on you.”
One Hundred Promises “This is one of my favorite small town series. The author does a great job of not only introducing new characters, but keeping up with ones we already know and love. the more I listen to this narator, the more I love him!”
The Christmas Hims “I read this book a while back and honestly forgot how it ended, so this was an almost new story for me. it was fun, and not your typical holiday read, but I definitely enjoyed it. other people's bad dates are fun to read about! the narator was a little soft and breathy for me. it wasn't awful, just not my favorite”
Fire and Glass “this is the first audio book I've listened to that I hadn't read first. I read the first book in the series, so I assumed I would enjoy the story. I just wasn't sure how I would enjoy listening to a brand new (to me) story. I really liked it! I was surprised at how many times I caught myself laughing and smiling at some of it. I wasn't too sure about the narrator at first because lacey's voice was kinda immature sounding, but I got used to it especially when I realized how many other characters there are. there had to be some distinction to the characters to tell the difference. and even doing the male voices didn't seem weird like they sometimes can with a female narrator. overall I recommend this audio book, and the story itself. it felt real, nothing too over the top story-wise, but still interesting enough to hold my attention”
Love Renewed “this is a new narrator for me, and for the most part I liked her performance. There were a couple of times where there were flashback scenes that I didn't realize were flashbacks and it was a little confusing. I don't know if that is anything that could have been done differently by the narrator. Usually in a book a flashback scene is in a different type and you can easily tell. honestly though, that's my only complaint. this was a cute little story with an extra twust, and of course a happy ending. I've listened to a couple books by this author before and I like that it doesn't come across overly preachy. I don't specifically read clean or Christian books, so it's nice that the religious aspect isn't the whole story.”
Fire Games “I was surprised at how much went on in this book, even though it was on the shorter side. I've enjoyed listening to books narrated by the author, but this one I caught a couple of minor production errors. no biggie though, I still recommend it”
The Power of Prayer: A Clean Second Chance Romance “I've listened to a few books by this author before, and although they all have had religion in them, this one was very religious. almost uncomfortably so. it also talks a lot about the very touchy subject of abortion. I liked the overall story, but the sit down discussions of finding God was distracting to the plot. I understand that the book is about how prayer and God affects people and life choices, but some of it felt too much. I enjoyed the narator. I've only listened to a few who don't change their voices to differentiate between the male and female voices, and that seems like it wouldn't work (for the listener to know who is speaking) but it somehow does.”
The Billionaire’s Christmas Miracle “I've listened to quite a few books from this author now. You pretty much know what to expect from her after a few books. I enjoy them, even though I'm not a strictly clean or Christian romance reader. I read or listen to Queen frequently these days and this authors are a little more religious than what I normally choose, but I still enjoy them a lot. I enjoy the author as a narator a lot. I would happily listen to her narate any other authors' books”
The Billionaire’s Cowboy Groom “I loved this story from the beginning! so cute, and not what I would have thought from this author. the majority of her books are more christian, so a storyline like this was a pleasant surprise. Cal was swoon worthy! I felt for him as soon as we met him. I liked how this 4th book tied all the others together. I like the author narating these books, I did catch a production error. and it was cute how she slipped in and out of accents.”
The Billionaire’s Secret “I've listened to a few books now by this author, and I didn't realize until this book that it's the author narating! she does a really good job, I like the tone of her voice a lot. especially for a clean, Christian romance, it's soothing. I did not expect to tear up at this story, but I did. it was really sweet to see max and Payton together. I will definitely check out the next book in the series”
A Brush with a Billionaire “from what I saw, this is the 2nd book in a series, but it was completely unrelated to the last one I listened to. this was an opposites attract, and it felt for the most part realistic. The problems they had to overcome were normal people problems, so even though it's a billionaire book, it felt relatable. it was also less preachy than some of the other books by this author. which I appreciated as a not religious person. I've been reading/ listening to more and more clean books because usually the stories are better since the author doesn't rely on sex to hold the readers attention. I've listened to books by this narator before. I remember before, not being thrilled with his female voice, but this one felt like he wasn't trying as hard to sound like a woman, but just softened his natural voice enough just to differentiate the 2 characters. it worked much better for me! his normal speaking voice is awesome. very comanding.”
Lost Memories and New Beginnings “I normally don't read/listen to many suspense books, but this was interesting. it was fairly short and moved at a pretty fast pace. I enjoyed it even though it's not my usual pick. I have not read other books in the series, but was not lost at all. I love that the author narates herself! she's actually really good”