Fire and Glass

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She’s engaged to a man with a promising future. But even as she makes plans to say “l do”, another man is hoping that she won’t….

It wasn’t easy for Lacy Jordan to watch her best friends get paired off one by one while she was still single and toiling away at a low-paying job. Maybe that’s how she ended up engaged to her mother’s chiropractor – a man who looks good on paper but whose stiff manner and controlling ways leave Lacy cold.

When steamy-hot glass artist Daniel Reed rescues Lacy from a dicey situation, she finds herself feeling things for him that she’s never felt for another man. But Daniel’s reluctance to accept her love – and everything that comes with it – means he’s the one who needs an adjustment, before both of their hearts are shattered.

Fire and Glass is the fourth book in Linda Seed’s Main Street Merchants series.

1 review for Fire and Glass

  1. LadyM

    this is the first audio book I’ve listened to that I hadn’t read first. I read the first book in the series, so I assumed I would enjoy the story. I just wasn’t sure how I would enjoy listening to a brand new (to me) story. I really liked it! I was surprised at how many times I caught myself laughing and smiling at some of it. I wasn’t too sure about the narrator at first because lacey’s voice was kinda immature sounding, but I got used to it especially when I realized how many other characters there are. there had to be some distinction to the characters to tell the difference. and even doing the male voices didn’t seem weird like they sometimes can with a female narrator. overall I recommend this audio book, and the story itself. it felt real, nothing too over the top story-wise, but still interesting enough to hold my attention

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