A Brush with a Billionaire

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All the money in the world means nothing without someone with whom to share it.

Billionaire actor Brent McKasson wanted something different in life. Tired of being typecast in the same action roles, he decides to take some time off to think. However, his car breaks down in the small town of Soda Spurs, Texas. Forced to rely on people he doesn’t know, Brent rediscovers the charm of a small town and a feisty female mechanic, but will it be enough for him to stay, or will the fame call him back?

Sam Jenkins moved to Soda Spurs after a hard breakup. All she wanted to do was open up an auto shop and return to her small-town roots. Then, Brent McKasson lands in her lap. Literally. She’s the only mechanic in town, and with the only hotel in town booked for the Cowboy festival, she is forced to open her spare room to him for the weekend. What she hadn’t expected was to open her heart to him as well.

But can a spark between two opposites create a lasting love? Or will his fame and her independence keep them apart?

1 review for A Brush with a Billionaire

  1. LadyM

    from what I saw, this is the 2nd book in a series, but it was completely unrelated to the last one I listened to. this was an opposites attract, and it felt for the most part realistic. The problems they had to overcome were normal people problems, so even though it’s a billionaire book, it felt relatable. it was also less preachy than some of the other books by this author. which I appreciated as a not religious person. I’ve been reading/ listening to more and more clean books because usually the stories are better since the author doesn’t rely on sex to hold the readers attention.

    I’ve listened to books by this narator before. I remember before, not being thrilled with his female voice, but this one felt like he wasn’t trying as hard to sound like a woman, but just softened his natural voice enough just to differentiate the 2 characters. it worked much better for me! his normal speaking voice is awesome. very comanding.

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