The Bridesmaid Gets Lucky

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Two members of a wedding party and polar opposites in every way are forced to share a room for a night. What begins as a disastrous reservation mix-up may just end up being a date with destiny.

The newly jilted Ginny is feeling awkward as ever at the ritzy Napa Valley wedding. Her tight bridesmaid’s dress isn’t helping matters, and neither is the presence of a perfect-looking groomsman, who wants to dance with her of all things.

Sam has been admiring the quirky beauty all night, he’s got a feeling about her that won’t quit. She’s not his usual type, but maybe that means she’s the one he’s been waiting for. When fate takes a turn and the two are forced to bed down together, Sam can’t believe his luck. But the stubborn and difficult Ginny isn’t in the mood for a rebound or a one-night-stand. And she certainly isn’t in the mood for true love.

The debonair Sam has exactly one night to convince his bespectacled (as well as skeptical) goddess that they are meant for one another.

This particular bridesmaid is going to get very lucky. That is if she can let go of her fears and allow this modern day prince to give her the fairy tale ending she deserves.

2 reviews for The Bridesmaid Gets Lucky

  1. LadyM

    I adored this story! I was cracking up so many times, it was fantastic. It was light and cute but funny and sweet. A great length, not too long, but long enough to have the full story

  2. Jodi Price

    This story is short, sweet, and funny. The shy awkward girl not only gets the hot guy, but a nice, persistent and patient hot guy. I enjoyed this book, it made me laugh and cringe! The narrator nailed it, Logan McAllister did a great job with this book.

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