Christmas at the End of Main Street

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All either of them wants for Christmas are some jingle bells, to deck the halls, and for everyone to stop finding them dates.

Macie Zimmerman would love to get married and start a family. But after so much searching, she’s sick of having hope that something will work out. All she needs is a good six months of no dating – time she could spend building her business, Paws and Relax, and hanging out with the animals who show her all the love she needs – to be able to face it again. If only she can keep everyone in town from trying to find her a husband.

High school teacher Aaron Hall plans to never get married. He got engaged once, and it turned out as awful as his parents’ marriage had. But that doesn’t stop all his married friends from trying to convince him otherwise. And worst of all, his students are now determined to find him a wife before the end of the school year.

This Christmas, Macie and Aaron are teaming up to make everyone believe they’re dating each other so that they’ll quit trying to line them up with others. But as this fake relationship takes them to holiday parties, events around town, and his school’s winter formal, “fake” starts to feel “real”.

Can they overcome the obstacles in their way?

Pick up this fun, holiday-filled fake relationship romance today!

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1 review for Christmas at the End of Main Street

  1. LadyM

    this story was one of the cutest I’ve ever listened to. I loved it so much!!! The part with the stocking just melted my heart, it was so stinking sweet

    I like this narator, she doesn’t try and over do it with the voices, it’s more natural, and not forcing every character to sound different. it works

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