Daughter of Death (Dark Provenance Series, Book 1)

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A dead body.

A missing daughter.

A silver blade.

All the clues point to one person: Me.

My name is Evangeline, and I’m a retired assassin who wants nothing to do with the underworld. But an edict from a Demonic Lord forces me to return to the man and the life I left behind.

I have seven days to prove my innocence.

Whoever set me up is going to die.


His fingers knotted in my ponytail as he yanked my head back to the angle he preferred.

Oh, I knew that look. Nothing good ever came from that look.

I flattened my palms against his bare chest, but he pushed right through my physical barrier and took my mouth with a ferocity that screamed possession. His tongue demanded entrance, and when I tried to fight him, he bit my lip hard enough to bleed. On my gasp, he entered and unleashed his desire in a kiss that deprived me of oxygen.

My knees threatened to buckle under his assault. He took my mouth the way he did my body, reminding me who we were to each other with a few bold strokes. I melted for him, as I always did.

God, I missed this.

I missed him.

I hated it. Loved it. Craved it….”

Daughter of Death is a standalone paranormal romance with dark elements, demons, angels, a sadistic alpha male, blood, and a lot of dead bodies. What can I say? Eve likes her knives, and Xai enjoys watching her play.

2 reviews for Daughter of Death (Dark Provenance Series, Book 1)

  1. Brooke Ehly

    This book is the absolute perfect way to start a series! There are so many twists and turns throughout the entire thing that you will be guessing what is going on while on the edge of your seat. I feel this book has a very unique way of looking at fallen angels that I haven’t seen before. This book is definitely a must listen!

    You can find this review as well as my others on my audible listener page.

  2. Shan MC

    Loved a lot about this! The writing is great! The story flows nicely and I appreciate the unique ways the author takes the story. The subject matter isn’t new, but it feels fresh here. Fallen angels and demons equals lots of fun for me! Plus, there’s some cool action. I listened to the audio and the narrator did a great job; I really enjoyed the listening experience. The depth of connection between the love interests is awesome! They have an intense, deep bond. I did think Evangeline gave in way too easily to Xai. He treated her pretty brutally, but she can’t control herself around him and falls for his sexual prowess way too quickly; it came across as a tad pathetic to me. I wanted her to make him work for it more; even with his reasoning, I wanted her to be stronger there. And seriously, Come on Xai, if it didn’t work after the first millennium than it’s probably time for a different tactic. Jeez, men! It seems like Evangeline is the last to know everything, but she does kick some major butt! She’s a tough cookie and I loved that! Xai and Evangeline do have some hot chemistry, and they like their bedroom play a bit rough. All entertaining stuff. I also loved the Hell dimension stuff. Also, maybe don’t keep making jokes when you need to rescue someone in a dire situation; timing people! Jeez! Very entertaining and engrossing! Really hyped to read/listen to the next book!

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