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Cindy Nipper
Exposure At Sea “Great narration! Intriguing book! I don't usually read or listen to suspense, but I enjoy Cynthia Hickey, so I gave it. try! This was a romance in the middle of a murder mystery. I would enjoy a follow up on this couple!”
Thief Girl “This is my first book by Faye, but it won't be my last! It's definitely not a traditional romance book, but there is a romance. I especially loved the ending as George enjoyed his new life and his bride and he found joy in their work! The narration was really good.”
River of Light and Shadow “I listened to book 2 first and fell in love with it. Book 1 explains how the couple from book 2 met and why they were so far from family. It also gives a lot more background on the Mormon roots of this family barely mentioned in book 2. This book gives an historical telling of the Mormon Wars. It does not give opinions on the religion as right or wrong, but explains the differences from the Methodist faith as some of the other characters hold to, and the fears many political and regular people faced during this time. Of course much is about the persecution of the Mormons and those who allow the Mormons to live as they desire too. I felt the author did an accurate telling and stayed far from opinions on the validity of the Morman faith. The focus, besides a budding romance, was to tell of the horrific persecution of people from a different belief system than the major Christian views held by America at the time. In honesty, it's a repeated scar across American history from the Natives, to the slaves, to the immigrants. Those nominal Christians (those in name only) persecute what's unknown and what they're afraid of. Many in the name of Christ, but they couldn't be farther from the teachings of Christ!! I pray that we read books like this so we don't end up repeating our country's mistakes! The narration was impeccable!!”
Dante’s Gift “This was a new author to me, but I enjoy Tom's narration, so I thought I'd give it a try! He did a wonderful job!! The story parts that took place in Italy reminded me of warm memories of my time in Italy! I could completely connect with the boisterous Italian family described in this story! I love that its a WWII romance as well as a contemporary! The historical aspects were thoughtfully and brilliantly woven in and kept me on the edge of my seat! A truly wonderful audiobook!”
Wild Whistling Blackbirds “This was a very intriguing book covering a great variety of historical events of America. The Civil War, the Pony Express, the limits of women prior to the suffrage movement, and more are discussed as the Whitlock Family are dispersed across America! I thought the narration was superb and really brought the book to life!!”
Brave New Century “Three Rings for Alice By Lisa J. Rickel I guess I'm mostly confused about this book. Several friends attempt to pair off, while one of each couple is not interested and refuses the relationship. It reminded me a bit of high school when couples exchanged partners frequently. I don't really know what the book was supposed to be about though. I did enjoy the narration though. Forgiven By Paula Mower A delightful story about forgiveness and God's plan for your future! The mother seemed a bit wishy washy, but otherwise there's nothing to improve upon, except the multiple repetition of the forgiveness Bible verse. I really enjoyed the narration! The Pocket watch By Katleen Rouser I loved this story! It had a couple of twists I didn't expect! I really like the narration on this one! Her soft voice really captured the orphaned girl's demeanor! Flames of Hope By Teena M. Stewart A bit shorter than the others, this is a beautiful story of hope when your world is completely turned upside down. Set in the renown time of the San Francisco fires, this couple find love in the strength of each other and in their deeper faith in the Lord! Great narrator!”
We’ve Only Just Begun (Oregon Trail Dreamin’) (Volume 1) “I listened to these first two books out of order! Now I'm curious why they had so many similarities! While both enjoyable, I would have preferred more uniqueness, especially since they're the first two books in the series! The narration was better in this book in my opinion, but both are by the same narrator!”
Lazarus County Mail Order Brides, Part One: She Has to Stop Running Sometime “I loved these stories. Although all taking place in the same town in New Mexico, they are about very different love stories! The last one was my favorite! I wasn't particularly pleased with the narration though! She constantly breathed out her words like excitement at a constant rhythm. it was strange. Two stories starred Irish characters, and her Irish lilt was anything but! She did do great on the other voices though. If she worked on her breathyness she'd be amazing!”
Lazarus County Mail Order Brides Boxed Set: Four Clean Historical Western Romance Books “I loved these stories. Although all taking place in the same town in New Mexico, they are about very different love stories! The last one was my favorite! I wasn't particularly pleased with the narration though! She constantly breathed out her words like excitement at a constant rhythm. it was strange. Two stories starred Irish characters, and her Irish lilt was anything but! She did do great on the other voices though. If she worked on her breathyness she'd be amazing!”
A Lifetime to Share “Great narration! I've listened to Kathleen's books before, and I'm ecstatic that she's now writing Sweet books! It's frustrating when you get involved with the story and then you come across the intimate scene that not as sweet as you were expecting! The things I didn't like about this one was the same persistent doubt and fear that Amy suffered from, was never ending. It just seemed she fought the same issue way too long! Eli told her and showed her how he loved her, but she acted like he hadn't even treated her well when she doubted him. There was also no resolution for her friend who adopted the children either. Kathleen dropped a big truth bomb, but never explained the situation!”
Winter Mail Order Bride: Charlotte’s Christmas “Wow! This was definitely a unique mail order bride book!! First the advertisement was bizarre. “Wanted: Bride”. And then the bride being willing to come with no further conversations besides her short reply that she would marry him. I almost didn’t finish the book because it was so outlandish. But I’m glad I stuck with it! It was very funny at times!! These two very trusting people enjoy a wonderful marriage while a couple of the bride’s friends discover possibilities for their own futures! The narration was very good. Maybe a few moments where her voice of narrating the book and the lead character didn’t change and one sentence that was unnecessarily repeated but it was a nice long book so it’s easy to overlook those small issues! I would enjoy future books from both the author and narrator!”
Rose’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 19) “I loved this suspenseful story, but it was a bit predictable! Great job on the narration!”
Maddy’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 20) “Ooh! I loved the ending!! I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a monkey in it before! I’m guessing this one was as audacious as the one in Night at the Museum movie! The narration was great except for the Russian accent! Lol! That’s definitely a difficult one!! I love how this one is so connected to Rose’s Destiny!”
Mayme’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 18) “I think Karla and I just don’t agree on Biblical subjects. Of this whole series the two with lowest ratings were the Preacher and the Missionary. If you look at the rest of the story I enjoyed it, but matters of faith are such a high priority in both of these books! As usual the narration was wonderful!”
Grace’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 17) “I think this might be my favorite so far! She’s a pioneer in the fact that she wants to break into the male dominated work force! She meets her perfect match and I just love his business plan for her! I also love how her cousin faces the bandits and grows enough backbone to stand up to his mother and Grace’s Aunt! Great narration as usual!”
Janine’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 16) “I loved this book too! I didn’t understand the train scene as it didn’t affect the rest of the story, but all else was delightful! My favorite character voice of the narrator though, was the train robber!”
Georgina’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 15) “Another delightful and unique book! Karla really has a gift for writing something different from each book before! I love how this ruse plays out! The narrator is more engaging the longer I listen to his books!”
Lisette’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 13) “Another very enjoyable tale set in Faith Creek! This one is about the post master and an immigrant woman from the tenements of NYC. Karla definitely keeps these stories vivid and unique! A lot gets packed into a short story! The narrator has continued to do a great job and I’m pleased he’s been the same narrator throughout this series!”
Mail Order Bride – Belinda’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 14) “Ooh, I think this one’s my favorite! Both characters are from Faith Creek, but one leaves town for a while! He wants to return but to save face decides a marriage might be a great reason and no one would question his return! A wonderful story! Same great narrator!”
Prudence’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 12) “A ballet dancer and a traveling actor find love in this novella! Neither one are from Faith Creek, but he decides to build a theater there before finding a bride! I love that he travels to Chicago to meet his bride and her family. I hope to hear more about this couple and the theater in the rest of this series! As usual this narrator was wonderful!”
Frances’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 11) “Sweet Historical Romance I’m always so shocked when the characters find love so quickly! I know this series is all very short books, but it’s still a bit mind blowing to me. I liked the hidden past of the doctor’s life! It was a different and unique situation! Karla really puts a lot of thought into each story and obstacle they must overcome! As many books as she writes, each one is surprisingly different!”
Susanna’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 10) “Another wonderful tale in this series! There’s some healing of hearts in this one and opportunities for forgiveness. I believe their love was gained a bit fast and for mostly superficial reasons, but it was a great book nonetheless! The narrator should look into varying his male voices as I mentioned in the previous book. I am glad that the narrator has continued though.”
Sarah’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 9) “What a wonderful and sweet story! Two shy people who have always felt alone and overlooked finally break out of their solitude and forge a tight bond together! The narration was very good but all the older men in this story seemed to have the same voice. The bank owner, the newspaper man, and the father, all sounded the same to me.”
Maeve’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 8) “Sweet Historical Romance I love the great variety of the books in this series. Even though the men are friends and they live in Faith Creek, each story and characters are truly different. I enjoyed the narration even though it didn’t sound very Irish for Maeve’s voice.”
Stolen Heritage “An incredible story of a young woman who was stolen from her home as a baby, raised by Indians, and searching for her birth parents. But can she fit in with either worlds? Discover, as she does, that her true family is being one of God’s beloved children. God answers her prayers before she even prays them! The narrator was perfect for this story”
Taming the Sheriff “Christian Historical Romance This was a great book! I loved the antics of the three nephews and was aghast at the atrocities Charlotte suffered! Her Christmas surprises are wonderful too! The narrator’s voice fit well with this book. All the characters sounded realistic.”
Clara’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 7) “Sweet Historical Romance I was disappointed in this story. If William would have had any other profession, it would have been fine. But to be a minister? They barely discussed the Bible or God, Jesus or even her faith. The closest they got was him saying he was an Anglican Minister and that Clara attended Bible study at the Baptist church where she wanted to marry. How can a man of the cloth not even consider his bride’s faith? It seemed way to superficial to me.”
Harriet’s Destiny Faith Creek Brides, Book 6 “Sweet Historical Romance I love how this story was flipped! I look forward to listening to Harriet’s sister’s book! The narrator was perfect for this story!”
Silent Love “Christian Historical Romance A wonderful tale that mostly takes place on the Oregon Trail! Hardship is normal on the trail, but most of the problems this couple have arrive after they both get settled in different towns in Oregon. I really enjoyed the narration and have nothing negative to say at all. Her timing was very good. Her voices were believable and varied. She really added a lot to this story!”
Marietta’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 5) “I’m enjoying this series! Often authors have run the gambit by this time and the series starts to repeats the stories a bit! Not so with Karla! Each story is unique and varied and I can’t wait to learn hot the next couple will meet! The Aunt’s voice was a bit off to me, but the rest of the narration was great!”
Anna’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 4) “I loved the narrator for this one! His deep voice was very pleasant to listen to! There were only a few women voices he had to do, but they were all very natural sounding! A bit of ethnic flair in this story. Karla tells a story of immigrants who come from Greece, but Anna’s husband dies almost as soon as they arrive in America. I enjoyed the story very much!”
Garnet’s Gift “This was a very enjoyable story! And I enjoyed the narration as well! The Christmas gift added a nice twist!”
Shadow of Faith “Loved it! I’m glad that Barbara took the subject of, Interracial marriage and the treatment of “colored” people, on! She sheds some powerful light on the topic! My favorite quote from this book: “...Skin color is just like the color of someone’s eyes to me.” Sarah said. “Brown or blue, the person is the same.” I enjoyed the narration as well. He added a lot to the story even if he sounded a bit too modern at times.”
Mail Order Mishap “I think I got a lot more out of the book the second time. ( I read it a while ago!) I loved the narration and maybe that added to my enjoyment as well! I still have an issue with the intended groom, but the story makes more sense to me now! I felt more of an awareness of the grooms growth with God in my second time through, that I didn't notice the first time around!! I would recommend this book, especially the audio version!”
Mail Order Vixen “Loved it! Full of suspense and intrigue this book was so enjoyable to read! Two hotheads let their passion lead them to true love! Highly recommend! The narration was great!”
Mail Order Ruse “This was amazing! I completely enjoyed the audio version of this book but the story was simply beautiful! I was very involved in the book and found myself crying and laughing with the characters! This is the best book Barbara's written (at least of the many I've read)!!! The deep growing love was perfect and the deep conversations they had are what I have been craving! Seems lately most characters are full of doubt and make wrong assumptions but in this book they actually talk things out instead of guessing incorrectly and causing more issues!!!! Very very well done Barb!”
Mail Order Calamity “I love all the twists and turns in this exciting book! The narrator did a great job bringing this book to life!”
Wanted: Horse Breeder “What a fun scenario / book premise! I wish Max had a bit more self esteem, but otherwise an interesting and entertaining book! The narration was great! I had a hard time distinguishing characters by voice in two short scenes. But other wise very well done. I love this author and will be sure to look for more books by this narrator as well! Even better if they’re together again! The narrator’s voice was a wonderful pick for this genre!”
The Trapper “This was a wonderful story with great narration!! I liked how these two met, and thought it was so unique. I also loved that his family was involved in their future together! Barb did a fantastic job on creating the protagonist’s reasonable ploy!! The narrator nailed it! Perfect voice for this story and time period!!”
Hope “Beauty from ashes Another winning story from Barb and the Prairie Roses Series! This book is filled with loss, heartache, struggles and hard decisions, but there's always Hope! Jessica did a wonderful job on the narration. I truly enjoyed this audiobook!”
The Secret Diary “This was an interesting story! A young orphaned woman is up for a few changes in her life and she gets more than she’s bargained for. I wasn’t as fond of the narrator though. I had a hard time distinguishing who was talking and all the characters seemed to have the same cadence to their voices. I’ve been enjoying this whole series and look forward to reading or listening to more.”
A Bride for Logan “There’s a lot going on in this story, and it was full of twists and turns! There’s even a possibility for another story or two to come from this one! I’m always afraid of giving too much away, but I’m especially happy with the Christian focus in this story! I hope Barbara continues with more in this Proxy Brides series!! The narration was good. There’s a cadence to his voice I enjoy, and he did pretty good at the ladies voices!”
A Bride for Travis “Filled with the wisdom of God, this book tells the tale of an orphaned woman who adopts an orphaned girl but has to marry to fulfill her requirements to adopt! Eloquently written! The best of Barbara's yet!!!”
A Bride for Wyatt “I especially loved the budding romance of the secondary story! A true conversion is my favorite type of story! As for the main characters, Barb takes two shy and sweet people and puts them together in perfect harmony! Another great narration from Scott! He really is well suited for these historical sweet romances! I hope to listen to many more books that are written by Barb and narrated by Scott!”
A Bride for Adam “I think this is the best book Barb has written!!! I loved everything about it!! Scott Bennett does an amazing job narrating this one and I can’t think of anything either Barb or Scott could improve!! I absolutely LOVED it!!”
The Scarlet Wedding “What a whirlwind of tragedy these two face! Unlike most romance books, these two are already a couple when this book begins, but this story is all about getting them to the alter! A nice short read packed with a strong Christian theme! Very good narration.”
Carolynne’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 3) “Sweet Historical Romance Another delightful short story. I really enjoyed this narrator and the only thing that threw me, was the beginning story line. Elliot and the Sheriff acted like they met at the wedding in the beginning of this story, yet they met during the train robbery in the previous story. I didn’t care for the cover model’s costume, but it did fit well with the story!”
Mail Order Bride: Isabelle’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 2) “I enjoyed this short story, but didn’t really care for the narration too much. Each male voice was either too similar to another or just kind of weird sounding. The women’s voices were varied and normal sounding. The cadence was stilted as well. The train scene was my favorite part!”
Mail Order Bride: Bryony’s Destiny “Sweet Historical Romance Bryony’s Destiny A nice way to start the series! I loved the way Bryony stood up to her mistress and the scene at the Botanical Gardens! The narrator had a few sections where it was hard to decipher who was speaking and some oddly pronounced words, but overall it was very good!”
Ruby Springs Brides – 4 Book Box Set “Sweet Historical Romance Catherine Finds Love I enjoyed this story and the second chance for Cat, Dylan, and his son Kyle! I loved the staff's real family-like affection for both Cat and Ellen! Georgina Finds Love Scott does such a fine job narrating these historical books! I think the more I listen, the more I enjoy his talents! Karla writes quite enjoyable stories as well! As often the case for this genre I love, Karla writes about strong women whether they take on the traditional woman’s role, or break out into the man’s world that this era is well known for! Georgi definitely fits into this second role quite well!! Lol! A delightful book! I just wish it was longer! Carolyn Finds Love An intriguing tale of love between two drastically different living situations. The Doctor has a heart of gold while Carolyn lives in the tenements and works her fingers to the bone in the laundry. She’s tenacious and determined and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other! Another wonderfully narrated story by Scott. I hope he’s not changing his line of work anytime soon! He’s found his niche in voice acting! Bernadette Finds Love Another enjoyable story starring strong women and the men who love them!! This book has women from many walks of life prove their fortitude and gumption! Scott does a great job narrating as I’m learning. His voice and cadence really do fit this genre perfectly!!”