Fake Boyfriend

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“Afraid to be alone with me?” he challenged. “How am I going to be your boyfriend then?”

“Pretend boyfriend,” I emphasized.

He gave me a tight-lipped smile. “You do know that this has to look convincing if you expect people to believe I’m your boyfriend, don’t you?”

In desperation, Sarah hires Gage to pretend to be her boyfriend. It was supposed to be only a business arrangement, but now her feelings for her fake boyfriend are real.

3 reviews for Fake Boyfriend

  1. Michelle Kettler

    The theme has been done so many times and this wasn’t very well written. I had a hard time finishing this because the narration sounded like a kid. Not my favorite fake boyfriend story

  2. Shan MC

    Sweet, easy, quick read. I enjoyed the fake boyfriend scenario, and I liked the chemistry between Sarah and Gage. Sarah’s mom just got married and she had to move with her mom. She now has a step-sister that leaves a lot to be desired and a jerk of a guy making lewd comments to her, so Sarah asks Gage to act like her boyfriend to get the creeper guys away from her. Sarah is an 18 year old Senior in high school, so she’s still a bit naïve. She makes more problems for herself by not saying what’s on her mind; she’s a nice girl. Overall, I liked her. Gage has a bad boy reputation, but there’s more to him. I really enjoyed Fake Boyfriend, but I wanted more ending. This read has good bones and could be really great if there was a little more bulk to the story. Still really liked it though. I also listened to the audio version. I wasn’t loving the narrator at first because the quality isn’t the best, but I did end up thinking she did a decent job and I liked listening.

  3. J Jarvis

    I absolutely loved this audiobook! The story is pretty straight-forward…Sarah is the new girl in town after her mother marries a new man. Her step-sister is part of the “in” crowd and is less than happy that she has a new family member. Sarah is harassed on her first day, so she goes to someone who looks like a tough guy, Gage, and pays for him to be her fake boyfriend to help her. Over time, they develop very real feelings for each other. The story was well-paced and the narration was perfect. Kelena Schubert did a great job in giving a voice to Sarah and to her confusing feelings as she gets to know Gage.

    This is a wonderful YA romance that I will be listening to again.

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