The Guide: The Ireland Incident (Book 1)

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When Cate Hunter discovered her long time girlfriend had suddenly moved out without any prior notice, she did what any woman should do…take the next flight to Ireland!  In the series, The Guide, Cate Hunter must pick up the pieces on her own, and while doing so, reinvents herself to become a tour guide for women only.  This is a series about a woman finding herself as a tour guide…or maybe a tour guide who finds herself as a woman.

1 review for The Guide: The Ireland Incident (Book 1)

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    This is a young female’s story of running from a past relationship, only to be soothed and calmed by another also needing solace.
    It is an acknowledgement of the difficulties of lesbian and straight female interactions, the confusion and mixed feelings that can be generated over a very short time, and how friendship can blossom when sharing grief and emotions.
    The narrator did a fantastic job of the Irish accents.

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