Bearly Dangerous

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When Felicity finds out her mother is terminally ill, she’s determined to fulfill her mother’s last wish – to see her daughter walk down the aisle. But when she suggests marriage to her boyfriend of five years she’s promptly dumped. Disheartened, a friend offers a solution. One of the bear shifters in his clan is currently searching for a wife and he thinks perhaps they’ll make a good match. Kyle is a brilliant chef who is intelligent and kind and more than Felicity could hope for. There is only one problem…Hunter, his roommate, seems determined to get in between them. He goes so far as to pursue Felicity himself. The ex-con is as dangerous as he is sexy. Felicity must protect her heart and keep him from steering her relationship with Kyle off track. Then, Felicity recognizes something in the two men they don’t seem aware of themselves, she realizes their love triangle just got a lot more complicated.

This is a stand-alone story with an HEA and MF, MM and MMF pairings.​

4 reviews for Bearly Dangerous

  1. Bette

    Terrific PNR & Audible Listen? Heartfelt & Steamy?

    Bearly Dangerous
    Bears of Southoak, Book 2
    By: Kayci Morgan
    Narrated by: Gary Bennett

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is well written and well told with interesting storylines that captivated me from start to end. The characters are well developed, they are all likable with the exception of Felicitys Mom. Felicitys mother wanted to see her daughter get married. Felicity was in a long term relationship that seemed to be going no where, so when she tells him she wants to take the next step he walks. She turns to her friend Bailey who suggests she hooking up with one of the bear shifters who is in search for a wife. Kyle, is a real catch, he has a successful career and is a sweet and kind person. Felicity and Kyle met and they just click, there is chemistry and instant attraction between them. All is going great but there is only one problem, that being his best friend Hunter. She senses there is more to their friendship, though they do not see it, admit or act on it. Is she in between something that should or could be or is Hunter coming in between her and Kyle. I loved these three and thought they were perfect for each other. Felicitys mother was a real piece of work, pissed me off how she took advantage of Kyles kindness and generosity. I was happy when the truth was reveal and it did not ruin things for Felicity. This is my first book by Kayci Morgan and it will not be my last. Thank you for this great story, I am looking forward to checking out more of your books.

    I listened to the Audible edition, Gary Bennett is a wonderful narrator and voice performer. He brings these characters to life, gives each their own voice and personality. He does a great job projecting the emotions of the characters as well as he drama of the story into his performance. He is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this great listen, I am looking forward to hearing more of your work

  2. Jocelyne

    I love this Series!
    This is the second book in the Bears of Southoak Series, a bear shifters and MMF story. Felicity, Kyle and Hunter’s story is fun, sexy and fast-paced. The story is filled with twists and turns. The secondary characters are great. I loved to see again the characters from the first book. Gary Bennett did a great job with the narration. I recommend this story and this Series, if you like shifters and MMF stories. I loved it!

  3. Rellim

    This was a short but enjoyable MMF paranormal romance. Felicity (BFF from book 1) is determined to make her terminally ill mom happy by getting married before she dies. After Felicity’s boyfriend dumps her for suggesting commitment, Kyle steps in. The only problem is that Kyle’s bestie, Hunter, has the hots for Felicity too. Hunter also sees Kyle in a new way. We got a little update from the triad in the last books and were introduced to characters who will appear in subsequent books.

    Gary Bennett has an intimate/cozy voice that was an excellent fit for the alternating POVs of our three MCs. He did a good job with male & female voices as well as a wide range of emotions. I’m looking forward to listening to him in the rest of the series.

    This is fun novella and a deal at under $5.

    I received a free copy of this audiobook and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. Christi Fowler

    Title: Bearly Dangerous
    Author: Kayci Morgan
    Format: Audio
    Narrator: Gary Bennett
    Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Shifter (Bear), MMF, Friends to Lovers, LGBT, BBW
    Standalone: Yes
    Part of a Series: Bears of Shouthoak book 2
    POV: Hunter, Kyle, Felicity
    Steam Level: Slow burn to steamy

    Hunter and Kyle have been best friends for years, with their friendship surviving Hunter’s time in jail. I loved the story of how/why Hunter was incarcerated. Not the reason, but he story/emotion behind it. We met Felicity in the first book of the Bears of Southoak series. I didn’t care for her much but she definitely grew on me in this book. I saw some (most?, all?) of the reveals coming but how the characters reacted was unexpected. Bearly Dangerous is a fun second book in this series.

    I received this audiobook for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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