Alien Prince Charming: A Sci-Fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance

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A pact between worlds. The search for a true human mate. A sci-fi fairy tale comes true….

Once upon a time, the Trilyn made contact with the people of Earth. In return for taking seven fertile females as brides for their seven princes, they would share their alien technology and enable Earth to create intergalactic space ships.

Prince Gardax, the eldest of the seven princes, has endured years of searching for the human female who can bear his children. Two years of parties, genetic compatibility scanners, and failed attempts at finding the one woman who was meant for him.

In despair that he will never find his mate among the glittering party guests, Prince Gardax begins the search in earnest, and finds his mate in the most unlikely of places – the palace kitchens.

Amy Allan was just looking for a job, anything to ensure the survival of herself and her baby sister. Working in the great palace of the eldest Trilyn prince seemed like a good idea at the time, and the only option available for a war-refugee with a toddler in tow. But with a backbreaking workload and a nightmare boss, hoping for something better seems futile.

When the devastatingly handsome alien prince bursts into the kitchens demanding his mate, Amy’s last shred of hope disappears as her domineering boss, Darla, steps in to claim the prince for herself. Darla will stop at nothing to become a princess, even if it means threatening Amy and her sister. Can Amy defeat her nemesis and win the prince’s heart? Or will she lose everything she’s fought so hard to keep?

Alien Prince Charming is the first book in the Trilyn Alien Fairy Tales series. This is a science-fiction romance story featuring a stubborn working-class human female and a dominant alien prince in search of his mate. Each book in this pause-resisting science-fiction series has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!

2 reviews for Alien Prince Charming: A Sci-Fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance

  1. Tera Comer

    Really cute spin on Cinderella that has everything you can think of in it, action, loyalty, love, betrayal and survival. This is a definite must listen to if you enjoy sci-fi alien romances.

  2. chantelle bouffanie

    Wow! This is my first time reading one of Zara Zenia books. This is the first book in the Trilyn Alien Fairy Tales series. This story is about Gardax and Amy. Garadax and his brothers needs to find their mate quickly. So someone came up with an device that will helps find their perfect mate. Garadax is the first born prince. While Amy works in the kitchen on his ship. This book has all the right ingredients for the perfect story; action, adventure, suspense, romance, and so much more. I highly recommend you read this book. i can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Keep up the great job!

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