What the Heart Holds

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Arnold’s first love died in the Cheyenne River.

He’s sure he’s had his one love. To guard his heart, he wants nothing to do with women. No one could ever compare to his Lynellen. He will work hard, be respectful, and never forget.

Stephenia is the new teacher in Belle Fourche when she almost meets her maker.

Arnold saved her life and maybe her heart. She’s avoided relationships her whole life, afraid of the pain of loss. When she finally gives up on him, he has to choose between the love he’s lost and the one who found him.

2 reviews for What the Heart Holds

  1. Isis Ray

    I enjoyed this book. It was sweet. I like how both the main characters had a past that they had to get over. Both of them had room to grow. Their first encounter was about how the damsel meets her knight but she doesn’t know it yet. I always love a well educated woman who isn’t afraid to stand out. I have not previously read or listened to this author but I am sure to again. The narrator did a good job too. This book is sure to bring others a very satisfying experience.

  2. Misty

    I listened to this one on audio. I had never read/listened to Kari Trumbo before, but it won’t be the last. This story was great. The heroine has a lot more patience than I ever have had. Listening to this story, I am curious as to what happened in book 1. This book will give you spoilers as to book 1.

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