A Disturbance in the Church

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An android walks into a church and all hell breaks loose. Especially
when he tells a young priest that he would like to confess his sins, be
absolved and receive communion. The young priest is open to the idea,
but his foul-mouthed superior is outraged. They decide (or are
maneuvered into) a meeting with the bishop and even the cardinal. Their
conclave also includes the inventor of the technology, who’s a famous atheist, and, just to even
things out, a rabbi. Finally, even the pope gets involved.

1 review for A Disturbance in the Church

  1. Janalyn Prude

    A Battle of wills begin between a priest and his better at a local church when an AI robot shows up saying he would like to join the church and would like to have a conscious. One thinks it is ridiculous and the equivalent to baptizing your toaster, and the other thinks if the want is there then the church should allow it. I know this sounds like just a simple story, but something about the summary intrigued me and I am so glad I listened. There was so much to be said and so much is said about this topic in the story. The narrator did a wonderful job and the writer out did himself With a topic that should come with an easy answer, but does it? I mean if the “want” is there should the AI be allowed in. So many questions, so few answers. Thanks to Audio unleashed for yet another book for my honest opinion is my honest opinion. I loved it. I highly recommend it to those who like books that make you think and theology questions that run your mind in circles.

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