Autumn’s Blood

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The first book in a new paranormal romance shifter series!

In a discreet government facility in Chicago, scientists are trying to unearth the truth behind a group of people who appear to have the ability to shift into the form of animals.

Ensconced among the government officials, Blake Wolfcollar hides the truth of what he is, struggling between his desire to help those he’s a part of, while remaining undercover in his position…

The last thing Autumn Anderson expects upon starting her new job is the dangerous, sexy man whose touch seems to burn. But an accident unleashes a potential she never knew she held inside her, and Autumn and Blake find themselves on the run.

As their feelings for one another grow, they must fight to preserve the secret that could see the end of them both…

1 review for Autumn’s Blood

  1. Mia Harper

    I liked the authors take on the origin of shifters, and the story itself was good, the narrator great, but the FMC was a huge draw back for me, she was whiney, and and it seemed to me wouldn’t consider anyone else’s point of view, sorry not for me.

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