Shameless Mate

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They thought she would break when the cage door slammed shut behind her… she didn’t.

Nova’s life was shattered when her father, the alpha, banished her fated mate, Mark, and he left without her. When she refused to bend to her father’s will he locked her in a cage for weeks in her fox form. Instead of complying with their plans to mate her to the second in command, she made plans of her own.

Upon her release, Nova never returned to her father’s home, she moved to an old hunting lodge on the edge of the skulk lands and made it her own. She is independent with a job outside of the compound and has learned to be happy with herself.

It did not take Mark long to realize he’d made a mistake leaving Nova behind. He should have asked her to go with him, to choose him over all else, and to make a life with him. But after several close calls with the infamous Shadow League, he realized there was more to his banishment than just the alpha’s fear of a challenge. Somehow, Mystic River and his old skulk are mixed up with the League.

When Mark returns years later, she is thrown back into chaos. Mark, determined to challenge the alpha for his position and claim Nova as his mate, must uncover the truth behind why he was banished in the first place.

Can Nova and Mark discover the secrets hiding in their hometown before it is too late?

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1 review for Shameless Mate

  1. Vicki

    As with other Delta James’ books, this one was so good! This is the fourth book in the Mystic River Shifters series! Mark, Nova’s mate, left her behind when he was banished by her father. Nova’s father was horrible but she was one tough, strong young woman to fight against him and stand her ground, even when he caged her. Mark later returns. So good! Great second chance.

    Nothing against the previous narrator; although he was good, I am so glad JT Farrell did the narration for this book. He did an awesome job, as usual.

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