Wedding Belles: Steamy Tales of Nuptial Naughtiness


Tales of wedding-day wildness from K.D. West and Mary Cyn!

After all, why should the bride and groom get to keep all of the fun for themselves?

From Stillpoint/Eros authors Mary Cyn and K.D. West, here are four tales of nuptial naughtiness:

  1. “Folding Herself In (Bachelor Party)”: A double wedding means a double bachelor party, and Danny and Gil are pleasantly buzzed and pleasantly surprised to have survived the stag night. They’re getting ready to stumble off to bed when one last unexpected guest shows up. It’s their quiet, brainy friend Ruth, who’s not so quiet, not very sober, and not completely dressed. She’s decided she’s going to entertain the grooms-to-be in a manner that neither of them will ever forget! (MFM ménage à trois, anal sex, double penetration.)
  2. “Wedded Bliss (Ceremony)”: Meet Kat McKinney, Wedding Slut. She doesn’t want to get married. She just wants a wedding. And to make love to her husband – whoever he is – on the altar. And to have an orgy to end all orgies at the reception. And…. (Church sex. Orgy.)
  3. “Plus One (Reception)”: Kat McKinney, self-styled Wedding Slut, goes to a friend’s wedding and discovers that sometimes you should be careful what you wish for…and sometimes you shouldn’t. An after-party threesome seems like a great idea. And it is. But what if you find yourself falling for one of your new playmates? (M/F/M menage a trois romance.)
  4. “Fantasy Is More than Black and White (After-party)”: Everyone has fantasies. Some people are lucky enough to be married to them. As the wedding gives way to the after-party, the subject of fantasies comes up – and brings up all sorts of interesting possibilities that none of the wedding party expected. (MF, implied MFFM.)


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