The Sentinel

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She’s everything he doesn’t deserve. And when danger strikes, everything he stands to lose.

Serious, focused, and surly are just a few of the things Cooper has been called since he left the Seals and started working at Cerberus’ black ops security firm. He continues to have recurring nightmares and often questions his own judgment, especially when it comes to women. His preference is casual, no strings attached relationships. What he got was a sassy spitfire with fire in her eyes. He knew from the moment she ran into his arms that she wasn’t anything like his other clients and her case would be his.

A forensic accountant who knows too much, Annabelle Foster has spent her life working toward one goal, to never have to depend on anyone but herself… until the day she realizes someone is trying to kill her. A failed knife attack drove her to the security firm and when they take her case the fiercely independent accountant will have to submit to being under the watchful eye of the former Seal, with a hard stare and looks as hot as Hades.

As Cooper wrestles with his growing feelings for his client, the killer gets closer. It becomes clear that Annabelle’s attacker isn’t going to give up, and Cooper realizes he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Danger and desire go hand in hand….

Welcome to Club Southside. Cerberus has opened an office in Chicago over the Club. The team takes on jobs no one else wants. They handle everything from protection, covert rescue operations, cyber-crime to reconnaissance and more. These men are driven and deadly, willing to do what is needed to complete their missions and to protect the women they love.

A fast-paced romantic suspense series of interconnected standalone books that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

1 review for The Sentinel

  1. Vicki

    This book was so good! I love the books about the men and women who work for Cerberus. When they find the one, they are obsessed and possessive of her. J. T. Farrell did his usual awesome job with the narration.

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