Rebel Princess – book 2

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Sky Hammons tries to survive in an underwater city called Asha. With a strangler and stalker running amok, Sky is determined find out their identities. As her world crashes down around her, will she survive to her 18th birthday?

The series has been renamed with different covers to give it a fresh look. 

Book 1 – Rebellious – Book 1 (New, Dark World)

Book 2 –  Shaken – Book 2 (New, Dark World)

Book 3 – Betrayed – Book 3 (New, Dark World )

Book 4 – Revolution – Book 4 (The Conclusion) (New, Dark World)

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2 reviews for Rebel Princess – book 2

  1. Mia Harper

    This was a good read although the narration is very distracting, its action packed with a dark feel that’ll have you reaching for the tissue box – for a tissue or to throw the box! Heading on to book 3, to find out whats next for Sky and her friends. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Yes, this episode sees a couple of problems sorted and then a new situation arises, which seems to have a solution, until it’s pushed away from the two lovers that have risked all to be together. Unfortunately, it’s doesn’t end well.
    Looking forward to see what the next episode reveals about the surface.

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