Rebel Warrior – Book 3

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Sky Hammons has turned 18 years old and must leave her husband, family, friends, and underwater city to go to the surface. What is exactly on the surface? Is it the utopia she’s been promised since she was young? Or has Dante corrupted this new world with his controlling, dominating ways? Book 1 and 2 have been leading up to an explosion of surprises and twists you won’t believe.

Here is the kindle version on Amazon. The series has been renamed with different covers to give it a fresh look. 

Book 1 – Rebellious – Book 1 (New, Dark World)

Book 2 –  Shaken – Book 2 (New, Dark World)

Book 3 – Betrayed – Book 3 (New, Dark World )

Book 4 – Revolution – Book 4 (The Conclusion) (New, Dark World)

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2 reviews for Rebel Warrior – Book 3

  1. Mia Harper

    This book was an explosive and thrilling read that held me captive to the end, I was shocked at the plot twists! I can’t wait for the conclusion it can’t be soon enough. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Yes, our warrior princess is definitely getting things stirred up. With a reunion, unity of foes, a couple of rescues and a death, all within this episode.
    It’s a dramatic and emotional rollercoaster. Yet there’s more to come!

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