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Mya goes to Electric Daisy Carnival with her friends hoping not only to have the time of her life but also to take her mind off of her problems. A gnawing hunger has plagued her for months. But even though she eats, she’s growing dangerously thin, and the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with her.

While at the carnival, she runs into Somer who tells her he’s an incubus and that she’s paranormal as well. Mya doesn’t believe him, of course. But then when he kisses her, she feels an enticing heat curl deep within her and something else that makes her change her mind. Could Somer hold the key to making her well?

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  1. M Phelps

    I am still loving the story of this festival and the friends attending. Mya and Somer were a sexy couple and all that comes with their natures of being. I can’t get enough of the story I bought the next one and now on to it. Jewel Quinlan continues to write a great story and still killing it with the narration! Highly recommend this series

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