Finding Lizzy Smith

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Kate Nash, a St. Louis detective turned private investigator, becomes the central figure in a multiple-homicide case – one of the victims was her husband. Now her friend and old college roommate, Lizzy Smith, is missing and presumed kidnapped. 


As the mystery unfolds, Kate realizes whoever is behind the killings is out to destroy her and everyone close to her. Will they succeed?

1 review for Finding Lizzy Smith

  1. Julie Howard

    This is the first book by this author I have read or listened to but I have already download the next book.because I enjoyed it. The mystery was good but I had worked out what was going on by the end, this didn’t detract from the story it was just nice to know I was right. The characters are a tight knit group and work well together, it even had the add fun of a dog. There was a number of twists in the book, as they tried to work out why the group of friends was being killed and even if the high body count was all murders. I am off to start the next book.
    Kate is worried when an old friend doesn’t turn up for a meeting she had arranged but what is even more worrying is the red laser dot on her chest. Is someone trying to kill her? And what happened to Lizzy? The police can’t do anything because she is an adult and needs to be missing for 48 hours before they can start looking for her, even with the shooting accruing. It’s a good job Kate is one half of a private investigation team. With the added help of another friend Kate and her friends look back into he past for some answers because they use to be a group of nine and now they are down to six. Two murders, an accident and now a disappearance they are either the unluckiest group of friends or someone is taking them out one at a time. Can Kate work out the connection before anymore of her friends or even herself is killed? And do it all while still solving her own cases? She can’t let clients or her partner who has nothing to do with the past, down.
    I liked the narrator with the exception of one voice it was just to high pitched and squeaky.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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