Books, Scones and Murder

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Story Tree bookstore and café is unlike any bookstore in the country. It’s a haven for fan societies of every sort. This weekend, Clary is hosting the Agatha Christie Appreciation Society. This means two things: Marie is baking orange and fig scones and stocking up on Devonshire cream. And, there’s a whole lot of amateur detectives running around.

The chaos is aggravated by the arrival of a flamboyant up-and-coming writer who manages to insult everyone she meets in one breath. No one likes Valerie Lawless, but it’s still a shock when she turns up dead.The mystery becomes even more tantalizing when Clary realizes that the murder echoes what Valerie wrote about. Not only are there eerie similarities, but someone seems intent on recreating every detail of the author’s work. 

Reality and fiction are dangerously blurred as Clary races against the clock to find out who wanted the author dead. 

Will she find the murderer before all the fans migrate home? And will she be able to find the truth before tensions snap in their small town? 

2 reviews for Books, Scones and Murder

  1. Neva Li

    This was enjoyable. Light and easy-listening. I liked it but the narrator wasn’t as smooth as I’d prefer. Short, but a nice representative of the genre.

  2. Lavender Jade

    The characters and the story could have had more depth, but this still was a fun and pleasant listen. Jennifer Groberg narrates the book wonderfully, I loved Marie’s french accent!

    A review copy of this book was sent to me by Audiobooks Unleashed. All of the above opinions are my own.

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