The Kidnapped Bride

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Patricia just wants to spend more time in the company of Alistair Huntley, the offensively handsome captain of the Aurelia who seems only too happy to host her. But as the Aurelia sets sail from Miami, it does so with a dangerous new addition: There is a mob boss among the passengers, and he’s on the run – from more mobsters!
Any romantic notions are soon put aside when the mobster’s reluctant-looking bride-to-be goes missing, and Patricia is unexpectedly volunteered to solve the mystery of her disappearance. There’s a cryptic ransom note where the missing woman should be, and one of her bodyguards is soon found – with a hole in his head!
Regretting her decision to help out, it’s not long before the opposing mobster factions take an interest in Patricia’s involvement. Someone has the missing bride, everyone wants her, and they all think Patricia knows where she is. With the ever-faithful butler, Jermaine, at her side and the perfect blonde, Barbie, to distract the men, Patricia will still have to go all out to unravel the riddle before anyone else turns up dead.
Where is the kidnapped bride? Find out for yourself as you take another hilarious, action-filled voyage with Patricia Fisher. UK author and narrator!

3 reviews for The Kidnapped Bride

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this easy to listen to cozy mystery. The story is just like the cover artwork depicts a light, clean easy mystery just right for filling in a few hours. There was a lot going on with a number of characters that it kept it entertaining. This is the first book by this author I have listened to but I will look out for more books by him again.
    Patricia is on a cruise ship enjoying her time with her newly made friends when the peace is shattered by an unexpected helicopter landing. With the unplanned land comes lots of trouble in the form of gangster Bosses and there goons. And they are all seem to be after the same thing a passenger that has gone missing. The newly pointed Head of security is over whelmed and asks Patricia to step in and get to the bottom of the mess but whenever there is a tuff war between warring fractions of the mob guns are going to start blazing. Can Patricia keep herself and her friends a live long enough to see the end of the cruise.
    The narrator was okay but being British I found the voice a little bit annoying as I don’t know anyone that speaks like that but I did get use to it.

  2. Laura

    This is the second book in the Patricia Fisher Mystery series. It is a standalone book with no cliffhanger ending. I have not read the first book in this series and had no trouble following the characters or the plot.

    Absolutely entertaining, well written, and a lot of fun! There are times where you will laugh out loud at either the antics of the characters or a very smart humorous quip. The characters are well developed and interesting. Patricia is smart, funny and a strong woman. Her cohorts do not blend into the background – each one has a distinctive personality. I absolutely adored Lady Mary and her ever-changing rules for drinking cocktails. And the butler’s quirky past… The mystery is a good one with some really fun twists. Plus, there is a lot of action-packed scenes – so never a dull moment.

    The narrator, Katherine Anderson, was pitch perfect. She did distinctive voices for all of the characters. She narrated at a good pace and landed the punchlines perfectly.

  3. Lisa Bateman

    This was a cute story. I really enjoyed how even thought there was murder and some close calls. there were also a lot of funny moments that I could see happening to me in the situation. The characters were well developed. I feel like I know them.

    This narrator was so amazing. I love the british accent. she did such a good job, it was like there was also a male narrator. I swear it was like watching a British mystery . she really brought the characters alive.

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