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Barista. Huntress. Hijinx.

Running from the law is Amy’s only choice.

When the scatty barista investigates the disappearance of her favourite customer, she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy. Armed with a dummies guide to camping and accompanied by her best friend, she rushes to escape the Huntress sent to capture her.

Can Amy save the girl and clear her name, or will she be imprisoned for terrorism?

Huntress is a fun cozy mystery. Join Amy on her hilarious romp around Britain as she tries to evade the Huntress.

2018 Lambda Winner

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  1. Jude

    Due to a series of bad decisions and mistrust of police, Amy and her best friend Kerry find themselves on the run.

    Amy is a brilliant twenty-five-year-old woman who is so scared of failure that she never quit her student job at a motorway service station. She’s also very naive and trusting in a rather adorable way. When the customer she has a huge crush on, Cara, disappears, she tries to get the police involved, in vain. She decides to investigate on her own and finds out the woman left a flash drive stuck under one of the tables every morning and a man would come later in the day and retrieve it. Until a few days ago when Cara left the memory stick under another table, which the man didn’t find. Amy gets the flash drives, opens it and bam! The scary man and the MI5 are suddenly looking for her and Kerry, who helped her get away.

    A former MI5 operative, Claudia McAllister is now a freelancer. Yet she’s the best huntress, so her former boss hires her to find the two fugitives, who are considered dangerous terrorists.

    This story reminded me of the Australian TV series Wanted in some ways. It’s a comedy of sorts, with a hint of romance, and it was quite enjoyable. I liked Rebecca McKernan’s accents a whole lot, that’s probably what I liked best. That, and the friendship between the MCs.

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