Eagle Eyes Book 2: Rescue in Reno

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The biggest little city might be the death of her…

FBI special agent Megan Luchek is still officially on vacation in Las Vegas, but the previous night’s violence has made her aware of the crimes against humanity going on in the tunnels. Before she can investigate too hard, the bad guys get proactive. They kidnap Anthony Pierce, the husband of Megan’s good friend, and warn her to back off.

Predictably, she doesn’t react well to the threat. Megan has several problems, including the fact that she’s being watched in Vegas while she really needs to be up in Reno if she wants to help Anthony. Much as she likes her independence, Megan’s going to need some high tech and highly skilled allies if she wants to pull off a rescue in Reno.


Please note: The events in this story follow Violence in Vegas. It’s highly recommended that you start your journey there. The events of Danger in Dallas follow immediately after this story. If you’d like all three in one shot, go for Eagle Eyes (the combo book), available here.

3 reviews for Eagle Eyes Book 2: Rescue in Reno

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for book three to be released. This continues from where book one left off , so I recommend you listen to book one first, but as that is a great book it is no hardship. An old friend from the previous series makes an appearance and hope she plays a bigger role in the next book, as I loved her character and the way she plays the bad to Megan’s good. Megan is a great character too, tough but fare. I like the use of high-Tec in this series and think the idea of it is what makes the book stand out as being different to normal mystery story’s. I just wish it had been long because I want more.
    Megan is still in Vegas but rather than enjoy what is left of her holiday she decides to investigate the tunnels under Vegas and find out more about the trafficked girls she helped rescue. Before she can do much more than visit the tunnels and talk to a few of the homeless people that live there, her friends husband is kidnapped. The demand, Megan stops investing and returns home straight away. Megan has never done well being threatened and she has a secret weapon up her sleeve, eagle eye. Can high Tec and a few trusted friends be enough to go up against The Club and get her friends husband back.
    I really like the narrator and thought the added bonus of the digital voice at one point in the story really added to the enjoyment

  2. gerald douglas

    Gotta Get into The Club Somehow

    The ever exciting and engaging world as viewed through Eagle Eyes continues in this journey of a determined FBI agent intent on taking down this network of human traffickers and all around evil folks. She dives deeply within this seedy sect but must find a way to trust the voice in her head.

    Again, the pairing of Liz Brand and Julie C. Gilbert flow together seamlessly to reflect the adventure. Buckle up for a fun ride in the Silver State as the hunt continues.

  3. Rosemary HUGHES

    Okay, this episode uses the technology of Eagle Eyes, from the previous book.
    Yes, all perhaps would be feasible, but time frames and technology incompatibility would be another factor. Plus, the expense involved in equipping safe houses with modern, smart technology, seems unlikely for those that keep a wary eye on the bottom line of an expense sheet.
    This being said, the actual concept is an interesting one, but wearing contact lenses for days on end, again seems far fetched.
    An intriguing yarn!

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