Eagle Eyes Book 1: Violence in Vegas

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Sin City holds some dark secrets.

But Megan Luchek’s in town to help Angela Melkin-Pierce with a small case of sabotage. Somebody’s been slashing guests’ tires and ransacking rooms at The Grand Game Hotel. With the guest list including the Reno Birdwatcher’s Society and the Paradise Quilting Club, the suspect list is very thin. The only intriguing option is Gatton Technologies, headed by eccentric billionaire, Jeffrey Gatton. When he decides to host a masquerade party at the hotel, Megan goes undercover.

The air of elegance quickly turns to terror when masked men kidnap Gatton and Angela. Megan is going to need all of her wits – and a borrowed handgun or two – if she wants to survive the violence in Vegas.


Please note: This is Book 1 in a series. If you’d like all three at once, you should grab Eagle Eyes (the combo book available here). If you like having the separate books, then you will want to grab EE Book 2: Rescue in Reno and EE Book 3: Danger in Dallas, also available on Audiobooks Unleashed.

3 reviews for Eagle Eyes Book 1: Violence in Vegas

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book, just wished it had been longer but great if you only have a few hours to kill on a car journey or something. I really liked that I never knew what was going to happen and it had a number of twists taking the story in another direction entirely, the Las Vegas setting was a good choice. I hope this is just the start of many more books to come, as I think it has set it up to be a good series. I like all the characters from the tough as nails FBI agent to the little who asks too many questions to the helpful homeless people.
    Megan’s friend’s hotel is under attack or that is what it feels like when rooms get ransacked and guests tyres are slashed, so she calls in her good friend the FBI agent, to investigater. Before Megan has even stepped in the door things escalate with someone throwing a Molotov cocktail leading Megan to go under cover as a waitress, giving her free access to all parts of the hotel. Las Vegas is famous for it conventions and the hotel is no exception, so when a bigwig wants to hold a last minute masquerade party they comply handing out invites to all the guest. The only problem is someone invited men with guns who take Megan’s friend and the bigwig hostage. Megan must travel the underground tunnels of Las Vegas to save her friend but not everything is what they seem. And more lives are at risk than just Megan’s and her friends.
    I like the narrator, she had a nice speaking voice that is easy to listen to.

  2. gerald douglas

    Someone’s always watching in Vegas

    This is a great short piece of work that builds intrigue and wonder quickly and lets the reader/listener in on the ins and outs of Vegas but not in the normal sense. There’s always more than meets than meets the eye and you’ve got to keep watch. This is a tale of a FBI agent coming to visit her friend and the drama kicks up immediately. Not from drunken debauchery but from vandalism, human trafficking and more.

    Journey into the tunnels below what you’re used to seeing and witness how Liz Brand’s brilliant narration captures the charcters with each step, move and twist in this intro into the Julie Gilbert’s foray into the underworld of Vegas and the government

  3. Rosemary HUGHES

    Terror is created, with no reasonable expectation of compassion, for the men behind this venture are out to test a theory, and will allow nothing to stand in their way.
    Until, their way becomes blocked by a young woman, who want back down on her ethical standards, and is willing to ut her life on line, to save others.
    Off course, there is always the one one that goes rogue, trying to outsmart his handlers, and to save his own neck, thus the whole situation just got a lot more complicated.

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