Eagle Eyes Book 3: Danger in Dallas

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Disaster awaits her down in the Big D…

After encountering the wrong kind of crazy in Vegas and Reno, Megan Luchek goes to Dallas to relax and check out a hotel for her friends. Par for her luck, she gets kidnapped in broad daylight and taken to a madman’s mansion. Worse, she gets locked in a storm shelter.

But the bad guy’s not really after her. He simply needs her as bait to draw out the assassin – Cassandra Mirren.

Megan and the assassin are going to have to rely upon the Eagle Eyes program one more time if they want to live through the danger in Dallas.


Note: The events in this story follow Violence in Vegas and Rescue in Reno very closely. It’s highly recommended that you start your journey with those two stories. There is also a combination book called Eagle Eyes available here that has all three stories together.

3 reviews for Eagle Eyes Book 3: Danger in Dallas

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book but then again I loved the previous books in this series too. This book continues from where the last one left off, so I really recommend you listen to the previous books but as mentioned that is no hardship as they a very good as well. I like everything about this series from the characters to the use of technology to even the plot lines, all of it is very good and with all the twists the story takes it keeps you hooked. The only wish is that it was a bit longer.
    Megan is in Dallas, her last holiday didn’t turn out to be very relaxing and she is taking the opportunity to try another go. Hopefully she doesn’t need to pack her gun in her suitcase. Her plans of relaxing in her hotel room trying out the amenities are put on hold when a phone call from her partner sends her rushing to the hospital, where she mets more than a sick relative. Megan wakes up in a mansion with armed guards watching. Out of range for eagle eyes (the highly scientific computer in her eye) to work Megan must relay on herself and an old friend from the past to rescue her. It good job the friend never travels anywhere with out her gun.
    I like the narrator and think she does an excellent job in all three books in this series. She has a pleasant speaking voice.

  2. gerald douglas

    With Eagle Eyes Open

    This third installment of the Eagle Eyes adventures brings even more intrigue to the life of FBI agent Megan Luchek as she delves deeper into the dank recesses of Dallas to help her nemesis turned ally. The plot twists and turns on itself again and again as each layer gets pulled away as she goes deeper into the nationwide network of people.

    Get ready to experience the masterful narration from Liz Brand as she shows you a world hiding in plain sight.

  3. Rosemary HUGHES

    Back in the world of espionage, we have a powerful man, with a grudge, aimed firmly onto our favorite FBI agent, Megan Luchek, and her friend, Cassandra , aka “The Assassin”.
    As Cassandra was hard to get hold off, the direct path of acquiring agent Lucien, by kidnapping her from a restaurant, in Dallas.
    From here, life becomes very complicated for all concerned.

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