Eagle Eyes Books 1-3

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Vacation with a side of violence…

After a stressful few months, FBI Special Agent Megan Luchek is ready for a nice, relaxing working vacation.

It doesn’t work out that way.

Violence in Vegas: A simple case of sabotage turns terrifying when Megan stumbles across a human trafficking ring deep in the tunnels under Sin City.

Rescue in Reno: The bad guys make it personal by kidnapping the husband of Megan’s friend. She turns to unlikely sources for help pulling off a rescue in the Biggest Little City.

Danger in Dallas: Megan winds up trapped in a madman’s mansion just outside Big D.

Join Megan’s journey to survive several kinds of crazy with the help of an eccentric billionaire’s genius computer program, Eagle Eyes.

Please note, this series of novellas follows the events of Shadow Council. Although it may be enjoyed as a separate series, you may wish to check out Shadow Council first. Those are available as an omnibus or as individual titles.

4 reviews for Eagle Eyes Books 1-3

  1. Inishowen Cailín

    I loved these stories. I liked that there is a central subplot running through the series so each story is connected. It made me want to listen straight away to the next book. The concept of the technology behind ‘Eagle Eyes’ is a good twist to the usual run of the mill FBI mysteries out there.
    The stories are suspense filled and easy listening.

  2. gerald douglas

    Someone’s always watching in Vegas Book 1

    This is a great short piece of work that builds intrigue and wonder quickly and lets the reader/listener in on the ins and outs of Vegas but not in the normal sense. There’s always more than meets than meets the eye and you’ve got to keep watch. This is a tale of a FBI agent coming to visit her friend and the drama kicks up immediately. Not from drunken debauchery but from vandalism, human trafficking and more.

    Journey into the tunnels below what you’re used to seeing and witness how Liz Brand’s brilliant narration captures the charcters with each step, move and twist in this intro into the Julie Gilbert’s foray into the underworld of Vegas and the government.

    Gotta Get into The Club Somehow Book 2

    The ever exciting and engaging world as viewed through Eagle Eyes continues in this journey of a determined FBI agent intent on taking down this network of human traffickers and all around evil folks. She dives deeply within this seedy sect but must find a way to trust the voice in her head.

    Again, the pairing of Liz Brand and Julie C. Gilbert flow together seamlessly to reflect the adventure. Buckle up for a fun ride in the Silver State as the hunt continues.

    With Eagle Eyes Open Book 3

    This third installment of the Eagle Eyes adventures brings even more intrigue to the life of FBI agent Megan Luchek as she delves deeper into the dank recesses of Dallas to help her nemesis turned ally. The plot twists and turns on itself again and again as each layer gets pulled away as she goes deeper into the nationwide network of people.

    Get ready to experience the masterful narration from Liz Brand as she shows you a world hiding in plain sight.

  3. Rosemary HUGHES

    #1 Violence in Vagas
    Terror is created, with no reasonable expectation of compassion, for the men behind this venture are out to test a theory, and will allow nothing to stand in their way.
    Until, their way becomes blocked by a young woman, who want back down on her ethical standards, and is willing to ut her life on line, to save others.
    Off course, there is always the one one that goes rogue, trying to outsmart his handlers, and to save his own neck, thus the whole situation just got a lot more complicated.

    #2 Rescue in Reno
    Okay, this episode uses the technology of Eagle Eyes, from the previous book.
    Yes, all perhaps would be feasible, but time frames and technology incompatibility would be another factor. Plus, the expense involved in equipping safe houses with modern, smart technology, seems unlikely for those that keep a wary eye on the bottom line of an expense sheet.
    This being said, the actual concept is an interesting one, but wearing contact lenses for days on end, again seems far fetched.
    An intriguing yarn!

    #3 Danger in Dallas
    Back in the world of espionage, we have a powerful man, with a grudge, aimed firmly onto our favorite FBI agent, Megan Luchek, and her friend, Cassandra , aka “The Assassin”.
    As Cassandra was hard to get hold off, the direct path of acquiring agent Lucien, by kidnapping her from a restaurant, in Dallas.
    From here, life becomes very complicated for all concerned.

  4. Jodene Chase

    I liked that each story moved froward to the next book seamlessly. But it seemed like the stories were rushed and to much jammed into the plot. I was given a copy by Audiobooks Unleashed and I am leaving a review voluntarily.

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