Bear Creek Brides: Books 9 – 12

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Can love truly conquer all? Or will these four brides watch their chances at a happily ever after slip through their fingers? 

From the moment Danny Frederick, a journalist looking for his big break in Bear Creek, finds himself entranced by Matilda’s ambition, his seemingly wasted efforts take another turn. Matilda is captured by his passion, but life in Bear Creek is difficult for outsiders, and their romance could end in tragedy. Can Danny choose between the chance at love and his life’s dream?

Grace Cranfield dreams of freedom from high-society. When all seems lost, she finds hope when she spots an ad from Malcolm Wilson, a Montana rancher looking for a wife. As sparks fly Grace finds herself on a train speeding towards a world like she’s never known. Will Grace be able to find a place in her new home?

All Mayme Ruble wants is to feel like she belongs. When she comes across an ad from farmer Thomas Harris looking for a wife, she feels hopeful. Despite Thomas’ warmth and the welcoming townspeople, all seems well until disaster strikes and Mayme is forced to make a decision. Will she lose her chance at happiness once and for all?

When Rachel Maxwell discovers that her home and hand in marriage have been sold to notorious poker player Salis Dangerfield, her world is thrown into turmoil. Salis is just a man in search of a safe haven. Faced with distrust from both his wife and the locals, it seems he and his sister will never settle in Bear Creek. Will Salis be able to overcome his demons and find a way to be with Rachel despite the odds?

2 reviews for Bear Creek Brides: Books 9 – 12

  1. Amy Corbell

    This boxed set is the books 9-12 in the Bear Creek series. This is a mail order bride historical western setting. It’s not without interesting history tidbits about the Sioux Indians that live nearby and the time period this was set in has its own differences. The last book brings us into the 1900s. These books are very clean romance and language. I am invested in these characters and what happens in the town.

    Book 9- Danny Fredrick is a reporter who comes to town traveling with the circus taking pictures and writing articles. Matilda owns her laundry business but no real love interest. The two hit it off and teach other different things. An idea blossoms but will it come to light before the circus leaves at the end of the week?

    Book 10- Grace Cranfield is ready for a new adventure. Malcom is ready to take a wife and have children. She comes to Bear Creek and has some adjustments since she came from money with running water at her parents house but the west is behind the times.

    Book 11- Thomas places a mail order bride ad after his sisters talk him into it. Maymie sees the ad and begins writing him. Her big hang up with meeting a man, is her own insecurities about her figure but what she saw as a weakness becomes a strength in the west.

    Book 12- This might be the best book out of the series. Rachel is playing hard to get mainly out of pride and the circumstances she was put in. Salis has always tried to make a good life for his younger sister despite having to do some questionable things along the way.

    The narrator had a good cadence for the story.

  2. Misty

    Great series! The audio, however, ugh. I did not like the narrator due to mispronounced words. The stories however are fantastic!

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