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This is the sequel to Heartless.

Cade wants a second chance, but Lexie doesn’t want to get burned again. Her attraction to him is just as strong as ever, and he knows it. He’ll use every dirty trick in the book to win, but Lexie has learned how to play his game, too.

This audiobook is not intended for younger teens.

1 review for Breathless

  1. Shan MC

    Loved the sweet moments between Cade and Lexi. Loved the passion between them and how loyal they both were to each other. Didn’t love how cold, prickly, and unpleasant Lexi continued to be in this book. I had such a problem with her in the first book, so I had some major hope that she had matured in the 2 years between the last book and this one. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. She’s still getting into everyone else business; which I don’t really care about any of the other character’s relationships, and she’s still so unaware of herself. Cade on the other hand was wonderful. I’m just sad that Lexi is just so unlikeable because I really enjoyed the “bones” of this story. I also wanted more in the ending. More happiness time. So, good writing, good premise, hard to connect with main character. Characters are important to me, so I went with 3 stars. I was entertained the whole story as well, so that’s a good thing. Plus, I listened to the audio and the narrator did a good job; her performance fits the characters well. Quality performance that I’d recommend.

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