Bear Creek Brides: Books 5 – 8

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Can you overcome a dark past and find the way to a hopeful future? Follow these four romances as they heal from the pains of the past. 

Hunted by the mafia, Dr. Demetri Roberts escapes to Bear Creek with his deaf sister, Sandy, in hopes of starting a peaceful future.

Demetri falls for Emily and embarks on a promising new romance, yet when his past catches up with him, their love is put to the test. Will love and friendship be enough to save them?

When Deputy Tanner Williams finally gathers the courage to place an ad for a mail order bride, he is captivated by Bethany Duncan, a woman with an irresistible combination of sharp wit and sweet nature.

But chaos looms over the town, and Bethany’s father tries to stop his daughter’s plans. Are love and determination enough to secure a future of happiness for Bethany and Tanner?

Pastor Munster and Samantha Freda weren’t expecting to find love when they moved to Bear Creek. And yet they discover in each other a kindred spirit with whom they can share their dark pasts.

Now, these two souls are not alone, but can they accept their worth and give their love a chance?

In the midst of the worst blizzard Bear Creek has ever seen, Peter Gibson and Shirley Freda are stuck in the Jenkins’ ranch, growing closer as they work together to protect the ranch from the storm.

Peter has already fallen for Shirley, but Shirley is guarded, her heart frozen by the traumas of her past. Is his love true enough to thaw her heart and help her overcome the wounds that threaten her happiness?

In Bear Creek Brides: Books 5-8, you’ll find four riveting stories of new beginnings. Join Emily, Bethany, Samantha, and Shirley as they face their past demons and fight for love and happiness.

4 reviews for Bear Creek Brides: Books 5 – 8

  1. Amy Corbell

    This boxed set is the books 5-8 in the Bear Creek series. This is a mail order bride historical western setting. It’s not without interesting history tidbits about the Sioux Indians that live nearby and the time period this was set in has its own differences. These books are very clean romance and language. I am invested in these characters and what happens in the town.

    Book 5- This book focuses on newcomers Dimitri and his sister Sandy. Dimitri places a mail order bride ad which is answered by many but Emily is the one that catches his attention. She is a different kind of woman with her dress and actions but this intrigues Dimitri.

    Book 6- This book is about Tanner, the town’s deputy, and a newcomer Bethany. Outlaws threaten to burn the lands and kill people so the townspeople and Sioux work together to stop them.

    Book 7- This book is about Barthelme, the pastor, of Bear Creek and about Samantha, one of the sisters that previously came to town with the outlaws but had redemption turning on them. A tragedy strikes which gets Samantha thinking differently about men. Several weddings happen during this book, I wonder who is left to marry 😉

    Book 8- This book focuses on Peter, a ranch hand, and Shirley, one of the sisters. A blizzard causes some issues and a sweet Christmas comes shortly after.

    The narrator had a good cadence for the story.

  2. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    I received a free copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    Books 5-8 continue the story of the mail order brides in Bear Creek. New characters and some familiar ones follow the series. The history is rich and the characters memorable. The narration was good. Sometimes I want to read a light story that’s worthy of my time. This one definitely qualifies.

  3. Misty

    I listened to this entire book series on audio. The first 4 books, great. Books 5-8 are great, however, the narrator for 5-8, ugh. Especially with book 6. ( more on that following )

    I did listen to this on audio. The narrator is fair at best, to be honest. Half the time she gives the heroine a southern accent, other times no. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, and man, This bugged me so bad to the point I wanted to stop listening to the book. ( I didn’t tho because it was so action-packed ). She kept saying the livery stable…instead of livery as in I will live a 100 years, she kept saying live as in Saturday Night Live. OH, man. It bugged me so so much! I guess I will see how this narrator does in the next book. This happened the entire 5-8 books. Sigh. I have the next 4 and this same narrator does that one too. I probably won’t be listening to it.

    Book 5 – I loved that there was a “disabled” character in this book. I love how realistic this character was and how she knew lots of Indian Sign Language.
    The heroine in this book is fantastic. I love how down-to-earth she is.
    This story was fantastic and I loved the way everyone comes together.

    Book 6 –
    This story was fantastic!! I mean wow!!!
    Everything was perfect in the story. Action-packed, suspenseful.

    Book 7 – I thought this one was not up to the authors’ normal standards. There were repetitive stories being used that felt forced.

    Book 8 – Loved this story. The characters are fantastic and I loved the story. There were a couple twists that I did not see coming.

  4. Benita Dilley

    Bear Creek Brides Books 5 – 8

    Bear Creek, Montana circa 1890. Read series in order. Clean. Sweet. Fun. Some books are more actively Christian than others

    Bear Creek 5. A Sharp Witted Bride for the Troubled Doctor. 233 pages. 2020.

    Demetri, a young Boston daughter flees the East coast in an attempt to rescue his deaf sister, Sandy, locating first in Colorado, before having to run again after a criminals daughter dies under his care. They end up in Bear Creek where Demetri seeks a mail order bride and Sandy bonds with the local Sioux where she can speak Indian sign language. Clean. Fun. Entertaining.
    Read series in order.

    Bear Creek 6. A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy. 277 pages. 2020. 188 pages.

    1893 in Bear Creek, Deputy Tanner envies the loving mail order romances that surround him while Bethany seeks to flee the pain of her past. Warm. Loving Clean.
    Read series in order.

    Bear Creek 7. The Pastor’s Doubtful Bride. 192 pages. 2020.
    An actively Christian love story unfolds in 1893 in Bear Creek after Pastor Barthelme gives up circuit riding preaching and Samantha joins the new congregation.
    Read series in order.

    Bear Creek 8.Warming a Cold Heart. 388 pages. 2020
    The winter of 1895 is killer cold in Bear Creek, where ranch hand Peter works for the Jenkins (Book 1: The Rescued Bride’s Savior). After inviting Shirley out to a ranch dinner, the weather strands her there and the grow closer. Warm. Clean. Read series in order.

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