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Susan May
Over the Bridge “I loved this story. This is a new author for me & I have listened to books 1 & 2 so far. I love the characters. They were all entangled in this web of magic, lies, friendship & family. I highly recommend this series. Looking forward to #3.”
Step into Magic (Portals to Whyland Book 1) “A story full of magic,trust,evil & friendship. Imagine buying a pair of shoes at a yard sale and then find out they are magic. Karina gets pulled into another dimension and her journey does not go as planned. She makes great friends along the way but still has a task to complete. I liked this story & the narrator did a great job.”
Searching for Faith – Crime Thriller “I thought the story was great! Terrifying to think about but it goes to show you never leave a child for a minute. Poor Chloe not only really scared but she now has a grudge with her dad. Then Rachel was traumatized also. A very well written thriller that kept me guessing.”
Forget Me Not “This was a great read. I am not going to describe every detail in my review because I don't want to soil it for anyone else. A story full of death, deceipt, pedophilia, lies and suspense. It was terrifying for Amanda & her family. I was very sad when Lacey was taken. I had no idea who the stalker was until it was revealed. Definitely a thumbs up.”
Under the Ice “This was a story about a great family with a terrible past. I loved the characters. Shelby really had to learn the hard way. A great read with a thumbs up for this one.”
Across the Veil (Book 1) “This was a great story. I loved the narrator, she did a great job. Conjuragic is not a very nice place. Glad Ora made it out alive. Plenty of magic in this one and I loved the characters. I was also happy when Mark got what was coming to him. A definite thumbs up for a great read.”
Slade “Book # 2 was pretty good. Again not my kind of book but I have to finish the series. The mix of characters & chemistry is a little overwhelming but still a well written story. Plenty of action & suspense.”
Venom “This was an okay read for me. It is not really my kind of book. The story was good but to romancey for me. I love the shape shifters & vampires. I felt really bad for the girls. Now I have to read #2.”
Hear Them Scream “I liked the story but did not care for the narrator. I was very impressed with how Wjitney escaped. I also knew that Lillian was rotten right from the start. Glad to see she got what was coming to her in the end. Definite thumbs up.”
Jasmine “This was great to see Kate on her own for a change. I have read the Harry Starke series so I know Kate. She is a very strong character. An all around great story.”
Devil’s Creek “After reading the first book I could not wait for this one. It didn't disappoint. Full of betrayel, deceipt, hatred, love & forgiveness. I felt so bad for poor Anderson. Poor guy had a heck of a time but Grace redeemed herself with the name Caroline. Definite thumbs up.”
Devil’s Lake “This story was an eye opener. People do get taken like this sometimes & I bet it happens more than we know. The story was well written & the characters were great. Good triumph's over evil again. Thumbs up for this one. Also great Narrator.”
Gone “Another great read. Mr. Howard is now added to my favorite author list. I think this is my favorite one so far. The story was great & I didn't figure out the ending which I love. I love all the characters and can't wait for the next one. A thumbs up & if you haven't started the Harry Starke series you should, you will love them to.”
Checkmate “Another great Harry Starke book. One of my favorite authors is Lee Child & the Jack Reacher series. Harry reminds me of him. I was so glad that Amanda was okay. Great job Blair Howard I am hooked! Thumbs up.”
Into The Woods “I enjoyed this shorter story. If you like a monster story it's a good one for you. A surprise ending finished it off. Thumbs up for this one.”
Two for the Money “Another great read. I am enjoying the Harry Starke series. Harry reminds me of Jack Reacher which is one of my favorites. It had a great story & a surprise ending which I love. A definite thumbs up!”
Calling Back The Dead “This was a good read for anyone that likes a creepy ghost story. I felt very bad for Corey after loosing her husband. But I was happy with the ending. Thumbs up for this one.”
Catch Me If You Dare – Jake Mathews Series: Volume 2 “I just finished books 1 & 2. They were bloth great books. I wished the outcome for Frank had been different since he changed his ways but his fate went a long woth the story. I would love to see more books in this series. Definite thumbs up for this one.”
Understanding The Stars “I enjoyed this book. It was a great story & I loved the characters. It kept me guessing until the very end. A definite thumbs up for this one.”
Dead of Night “I liked the story itself but did not like the ending. I felt really bad for Calvin. The terror that he experienced & feeling like he was crazy. When he went traveling I thought he would be all set. A definite thumbs up if you like ghost stories.”