Two for the Money

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Who killed Tom Sattler? Who stole $350 million from New Vision Strategic Investments? It’s up to Harry Starke to figure it out.

The call came on a Tuesday evening in the middle of August at around 9:30. It was from an old school friend that Harry Starke hadn’t heard from in almost five years, and he hadn’t thought about him in almost as long. Tom Sattler wanted to meet with Harry urgently, and it wouldn’t wait until morning. When Harry arrived at Sattler’s luxury home less than an hour later, he found him dead, lying in a pool of blood, a single gunshot wound to the head, and .22 revolver lying close to his hand.

Suicide? If he was going to do that, why the hell did he call me?

The search for an answer to that question starts Harry on a wide-ranging investigation that involves murder, corruption, organized crime, and deception.

Book #2 of the Harry Starke Novels

2 reviews for Two for the Money

  1. Susan May

    Another great read. I am enjoying the Harry Starke series. Harry reminds me of Jack Reacher which is one of my favorites. It had a great story & a surprise ending which I love. A definite thumbs up!

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Harry, responding to an urgent call from an old friend, walks in to that friends home, to find him dead.

    This starts a chain reaction, where a further crime had been committed, of a transfer of billions of money from a hedge fund.

    Harry, along with Detective Kate, had their hands full, with the number of possible suspects.

    There were a lot of very tense situations that occurred, but to discuss them here, would reveal a lot of the tale.

    Let’s just say, it is very difficult to guess who had done it, unlike many of this type of murder mystery.

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