Forget Me Not

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When a deranged lunatic starts targeting single mom, Amanda Schultz, with threatening letters and “presents” on her doorstep, she turns to the police, who offer advice but no real help. At the mercy of a psychopath, Amanda realizes she’s in a game of cat and mouse, where the killer keeps changing the rules and the winner…is the only one left standing.

Full story with no cliffhangers.

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2 reviews for Forget Me Not

  1. Taveyah LaShay

    Wait for it! The crescendo is worth it.

    Stalking, pedophilia, suicide, human trafficking, and murder, all enough to create a suspense thriller on their own, collide for the ultimate storyline in Kristen Middleton’s, Forget Me Not.

    Divorcee, two-time widow, and single mother, Amanda, travels home to Summit Lake, Minnesota, to claim an unexpected inheritance and finds that a menacing presence has followed her. Her usual assured nature becomes irrational and apprehensive as her stalker’s harmless pranks begin to terrify her and endanger those she loves. Amanda engages in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with her prowler but gets her no closer to discovering his identity. Be that as it may, the story behind her ex-husband’s possible suicide unravels unforgivable suspicions and truths that lead her right to the monster that she helped create.

    While some of the predicaments in which the characters find themselves can be a bit cliché, Middleton masters layering unsuspecting twists in the plot that throttle the reader and her characters into the next crisis.

    Middleton takes her time weaving the reader through the backstory, consequently giving the novel a slow start. Nevertheless, it all adds to the character build of the ominous “Him.” The facets surrounding his need for revenge and acknowledgment is what kept me holding on, waiting for him to show himself. I loved that he was not an easy reveal, and the ending was more than I could have asked.

    Kristen Middleton’s, Forget Me Not, is a great listen for anyone who likes to experience their thrills in a crescendo of suspense laced chain of events.

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    -N. Coney

  2. Susan May

    This was a great read. I am not going to describe every detail in my review because I don’t want to soil it for anyone else. A story full of death, deceipt, pedophilia, lies and suspense. It was terrifying for Amanda & her family. I was very sad when Lacey was taken. I had no idea who the stalker was until it was revealed. Definitely a thumbs up.

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