Catch Me If You Dare – Jake Mathews Series: Volume 2

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Serial Killer Max Baxter escapes from federal prison and has struck again. Three young women have gone missing from malls across the Midwest and are feared dead. But Max wants to play. He has challenged the best of the best, modern day United States Marshal Jake Mathews, to find and kill him within 48 hours or the girls die a horrible death. Deputy Mathews is plunged into a nightmare of treachery, violence and non-stop action until one of them is dead. This is the second book in the Jake Mathews series.

2 reviews for Catch Me If You Dare – Jake Mathews Series: Volume 2

  1. Susan May

    I just finished books 1 & 2. They were bloth great books. I wished the outcome for Frank had been different since he changed his ways but his fate went a long woth the story. I would love to see more books in this series. Definite thumbs up for this one.

  2. Lynne Fellows

    Max Baxter is free, having escaped from prison. It’s no coincidence then that three women have disappeared too. Is the sociopathic serial killer up to his old tricks? Of course he is. But this time the stakes are higher still, since Mr Ego himself has challenged the country’s top Marshal to catch him before the women die.

    Aided by his brother Frank, Max is convinced he has everything under control, and there is no way that Marshal Jake Mathews can catch him. The two men have history – and only one of them can survive this encounter.

    Yet, he has seriously underestimated Jake, and not only him but the three women too. This is a fight to the end, with shocking twists at every turn.

    The story alternates between Jake and Max as each man battles with his own desire to survive: Jake, so that he can save the women, and Max, so that he can kill them.

    The women, too, are strong characters, brought to their knees at times, yet with such a desire to live that they find find an inner courage to keep going. Even Max’s brother, Frank, realises that helping Max escape from prison had not been his best decision.

    Thrilling, tense and action-packed, the story is addictive, even more so because of the narrator, who has captured the essence of the suspense while not diminishing the emotional aspects the characters have to deal with.

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