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Emily Johnston is gone. She’s been gone for more than a week. She’s also the daughter of Harry Starke’s one-time boss and nemesis, Chattanooga Police Chief Wesley Johnston. Harry and Chief Johnston haven’t seen eye-to-eye in a long time, but when Johnston needs help, he knows there’s only one man he can turn to. But Johnston’s jurisdiction ends at the city limits and when Emily’s body is discovered in a remote part of the county, Harry has to deal with the imperious sheriff, Israel Hands and two incompetent county detectives. So begins an investigation that will take Harry on a wild ride across Signal Mountain, a case that will include a second murder, two cold cases, sex, alternative lifestyles, and deadly danger for Harry and his friends, until…well, as always, there’s a twist in the tale.

The Harry Starke Novels, #5

2 reviews for Gone

  1. Susan May

    Another great read. Mr. Howard is now added to my favorite author list. I think this is my favorite one so far. The story was great & I didn’t figure out the ending which I love. I love all the characters and can’t wait for the next one. A thumbs up & if you haven’t started the Harry Starke series you should, you will love them to.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    A missing girl, a police chief’s daughter, no less. Harry is asked to find her.
    However, there’s a lot more going on at the elite college that the young woman had attended, that just the one missing student.
    Harry, along with Kate, get into and out off a lot of tight jams.
    How the case gets solved, well, that’s something the author will reveal as the plot is revealed.

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