Hear Them Scream

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Ready. Set. Die…but not before you scream your pretty little head off….

A pause-resisting thriller packed with heart-stopping suspense.

A serial killer obsessed with recreating old horror movies.
A young woman determined to find out who killed her twin.
A small town that can’t seem to catch a break. 

Whitney Halverson’s world is shattered when her sister, Brittany, is found murdered in Summit Lake. Unfortunately, the police have no leads, and the killer is still casting for several roles, including the one her sister didn’t scream loud enough for. But now that Whitney is in town, there’s an option for a re-take, and the killer is determined to get it right this time…. 

The Summit Lake Thriller series can be listened to in any order. No cliffhangers.

Book List:

  1. Forget Me Not
  2. Hear Them Scream

1 review for Hear Them Scream

  1. Susan May

    I liked the story but did not care for the narrator. I was very impressed with how Wjitney escaped. I also knew that Lillian was rotten right from the start. Glad to see she got what was coming to her in the end. Definite thumbs up.

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