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A grisly murder. A lack of clues. A case she can’t let go.


It was late Friday evening when they discovered the body. The lovely teenage girl had been dead more than a week, stuffed into a concrete pipe. But who was she? Who put her there? Lt. Kate Gazzara thinks she knows. So does the grieving family and they’re determined to dispense to their own twisted brand of justice.

It’s Kate Gazzara’s first case. It could be her last. Can she solve it before the killer strikes again?

Jasmine is the blistering first novel in Blair Howard’s best-selling Lt. Kate Gazzara series of police procedurals. If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series opener.

2 reviews for Jasmine

  1. Susan May

    This was great to see Kate on her own for a change. I have read the Harry Starke series so I know Kate. She is a very strong character. An all around great story.

  2. Jodene Chase

    Great new spin off. I enjoy Blair Howard and the Harry Stark novels. It is good to see a story with Kate as the lead character. I have listened to other Kate Gazzara stories and have loved all of them.

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