The Slayer’s Reverse Harem: The Complete Series

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Join Belle Harrison, vampire slayer, and her three sexy vampires in this complete series! 

“Marry the devil…or die.” 

That’s the ultimatum Belle Harrison, vampire slayer, just received from a demon. Belle has only one response: To hell with him. 

Turns out it’s not that easy, though. Apparently the devil doesn’t know the meaning of the word no. Lucky for Belle, three panty-melting vampires come to her aid. Three hot vampires she can’t resist. Hey, we all have our vices. Hers just happen to have fangs. 

And she’s going to need these three to help her thwart the devil’s marriage proposal and defeat the terrifying dark force that wants her dead.

5 reviews for The Slayer’s Reverse Harem: The Complete Series

  1. Adriana Boehm

    This is a new author for me. The story captured my attention pretty quickly and kept me engaged trying to figure out what would happen next. It is always nice to be able to get the whole series in one audiobook. The characters had so much potential but the author rushed their relationships with instant attraction and no speed bumps to let their relationships grow.

    It was definitely a stretch to think that a vampire slayer out patrolling would quickly follow three vampires back to their nest. I wish there would have been more world building and character development.

    Narration was good and brought the story to life.

    This story has so much heat that it should probably have been placed under Erotica. There is more detail in their times in the bedroom than what is going on with the storyline and mystery behind the plot.

  2. Tera Comer

    This is such a fun series to listen to Belle is so funny in how she handles so many of the situations that are thrown at her. The fast pace action mixed in with the suspense and even romance keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to know how she is going to handle the “Paul” problem. The narrator does a wonderful job

  3. joanna biggs

    As a whole I would give this series some where between 4 and 4.5 stars. It starts out and a little confusing in the beginning. My biggest issue was the first sex scene didn’t make any sense but as the story goes it begins to flow and works out much better. I love the story line of slayer vs the big unknown dark. Belle is just trying to survive becoming the slayer at 9 with nothing more then a letter. Join the vampire slayer and her three vampires, she meets in the beginning of book one, as they fight evil. It has romance, betrayal, surprises and more. I love having the entire series in one place. There’s no pause, no cliffhangers and over all it’s a good story. It will make you laugh. It will break your heart and if you like a little blood with your sexy reads this will provide. I loved some of the unexpected twist that were thrown at you. Over all I think this ticks all the paranormal reverse harem good vs evil boxes it should and comes with some humor that doesn’t always come in these kind of books. And the book goes out with a bang! Over all I feel like the narrator did a great job. Her inflection was good I loved that you could tell her state of mind from the tone in her voice!

  4. Jen B

    The Slayers Reverse Harem Review
    I was given a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

    First I want to say that I have heard about this series before reading it and I did like the premise. I, however, happen to be a Vampire Slayer snob and had a hard time wanting to picture anyone else as a “vampire slayer”. Hard to imagine any story holding up to such an iconic tale. That being said, I am happy I finally gave this series the chance it deserved. Bell is a young woman who is going through life alone. She literally had no reason to live except for duty until she met her love interests. I do believe that the personal part of the relationship was rushed, it would have been better if Ms. Ryan allowed them to build more of a relationship before they got intimate. Other than the rushed intimacy I had no other issues with the story, I often found myself pulled into the world and got invested in Bell and her men. The Narrator for this story was also a great match and she added another layer of enjoyment to the whole story!

    So, bottom line: If you don’t mind all the sex scenes then I would definitely reccommend this one to vampire lovers!

  5. Elise White

    Holy Ryan is an author I hadn’t herd of before finding this series on here. I love buddy the vampire slayer and thought more vampire slayers sure. I absolutely loved this series it’s funny, sexy and hilarious. I love the mix of sex, heart felt moments and the dark and twisty bits. It’s an amazing series that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an amazing series to listen to.

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