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The Slayer’s Reverse Harem: The Complete Series “The Slayers Reverse Harem Review I was given a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. First I want to say that I have heard about this series before reading it and I did like the premise. I, however, happen to be a Vampire Slayer snob and had a hard time wanting to picture anyone else as a “vampire slayer”. Hard to imagine any story holding up to such an iconic tale. That being said, I am happy I finally gave this series the chance it deserved. Bell is a young woman who is going through life alone. She literally had no reason to live except for duty until she met her love interests. I do believe that the personal part of the relationship was rushed, it would have been better if Ms. Ryan allowed them to build more of a relationship before they got intimate. Other than the rushed intimacy I had no other issues with the story, I often found myself pulled into the world and got invested in Bell and her men. The Narrator for this story was also a great match and she added another layer of enjoyment to the whole story! So, bottom line: If you don’t mind all the sex scenes then I would definitely reccommend this one to vampire lovers!”
Call of The Monsters: A Dark Reverse Haram Romance ““I recieved this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review. Without giving any spoilers I will say that I am happy with how this edition to the series started, progresssed and ended. If you are reading this review wondering if you should give it a try, I would tell you yes! This story may be about monsters, but it is not "Dark" in theme, so as long as your an adult and like PNR storylines then this one is a good fit.”
Monster Song: A Dark Reverse Haram Romance ““I recieved this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review. Book Two was better then Book 1! I loved the addition of her daddy! I wish I had a demon dad that is as awesome as this one! This is an excellent editon to the series, the FMC is now getting to know who she is and where she came from all while trying to juggle an multiple active romantic relationships.”
Monster Whisperer: A Dark Reverse Haram Romance “I recieved this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review. I am fairly new to JB Trepagnier's work and had read only 1 other series written by this author.I enjoyed that series so I figured I would give this one a try. I am a huge fan of books that make use of old legends and this one is among them. I like the fresh new take on the Greek Gods, I especially like the authors take on Hesphestos for this story!”
Shiver “I was unsure what to think of this series when I started with the first book, but i decided I needed to keep going. I am glad I did. Normally I can enjoy stories that feature soul mate bonds and an FMC with a MMC that never cheats, that is decisive on who and what she wants. I normally dont like wishy-washy characters, but I can understand NIkki's trouble in choosing. I can not decide who I like most, Ethan or Duncan. This addition to the series reminded me of a soap opera, there was a lot of romantic drama with a girl that can not chose between the two love interests. Now that I have stated the things I didnt like, here is what I did. The characters while wishy washy, they were interesting and kept my attention, which really is all you can ask for in book. This story would make a good short TV series because of the level of drama and mystery within the plot. I am going to start the next book and I will see if I still can not decide which team I will become a part of.”
Blur “I found that while this storys FMC is very immature, it is believable due to her age and expected experience. It all follows along with what her life would have been like given her upbringing. Trying to review a new story is difficult when trying to not give up spoilers, but i will say this is a vampire story, but even having listened to the whole book I can not definitively tell you if this is a vampire romance or vampire villian type of story. However since I am now going to listen to the next book in the series the author has done a good job.”
Charming “I recieved this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review. Jane washington is one the authors on my short "I will read anything they write" list. I was introduced to her writing with Serph Black and never looked back. Charming is an excellent addition to Ms. Washington's author profile! I can't even count how many times I have laughed out loud because the female MC is just so snarky! I love it! With the name I thought that this would be your usual Cinderella retelling, but this is in no way your normal retelling. I would recommend this story to anyone and everyone, i enjoyed it that much. The only thing I would change about this series is the number of books available! I am just so bummed that only the first is out now!”
Vampire Alpha Claim Box Set, 1-6 “I like the twist that this author put in place for her verison of Vampires. The female MC was an @ss kicker of the first degree! I liked how she also had moments where she was vunerable as well.”
Vampire Alpha Claim 2 “This is an interesting twist to a vampire romance. It is difficult to write a review without giving up any sort of spoilers... There really isnt much new in the vampire genre, but this series is interesting enouigh. Even though they are short they are worth the listen.”
Rae of Hope “I love this series! The progression of the story is set to a good pace, the plot is interesting and the characters are likeable! very well done!”
Vampire Alpha Claim, Book 1 “I love a good story that has a strong female MC! This is the first book I have listened to by this author, and while the story is short, it holds great promise. I will definantly be giving BK 2 a go.”
Crimes of Cupidity “Ms. Kennedy has done it again! Heart Hassle has become oen of my favorite series of all time! I love how fun the MC is, I literally laughed out loud! This series is excellent, I would tell anyone who likes a good paranormal romance to give it a try!”