How Not to Be a Rogue

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Amaford, a city of prosperity and trade. Merchants flock to it, sailors swear by it, but the people curse its name. For a city of such stature, its dark side runs to its core. Its people struggle to survive the harsh conditions that come with its popularity. More so, the people of its Bridge Districts, or better known as the slums. This is where we find our story, a story covered in filth and poverty.

What started out as a typical day in Amaford becomes something more as a young urchin finds himself constantly plotted against lady luck. Jimmy, a teenager with a long streak of bad jokes and a loose tongue, is forced into a situation that could change his life forever. Armed with a handful of knives, sub-par wit, and the charm of a feral kitten, he finds himself struggling to save the day. It’s in this day that only Jimmy can show you what it’s like when s–t truly hits the fan.

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3 reviews for How Not to Be a Rogue

  1. Ryan Pascall

    As someone who tends to gravitate towards huge, epic tales that last 20+ hours, I was dubious about a short, compact story such as this but the cover really drew me in.

    What we have here though is a tightly written story which doesn’t waste a word with pointless wandering and everything, from the way things look to the conversations characters have, add colour and life to the world the author has created.
    Within 10 minutes the fantastic narration of Sean Duregger had me wrapped up in this grimy world and colourful characters who’s dirty clothes are only slightly overshadowed by their mouths but quickly I saw past the rough exteriors and found a group of very likeable and caring characters.

    The story also is straightforward and doesn’t miss a beat in drawing you in, making you care about the main characters and then, when you think everything is ok, kick you right in the feels.
    It is also rare that a book can bring a physical reaction out of me hut the final few lines of the book did make me laugh audibly on a bus full of people..

    All in all, for one of my first forays into a shorter ‘novella’  this was a real success and I am looking forward to experiencing more works of both Zack Brooks and Sean Duregger.

  2. David S

    Kind of interesting. I’m not sure that I buy some of the relationships depicted in the book, but overall it was an enjoyable read. I got a free copy of this book

  3. Kimberly Grube

    just a kid living on the street trying to survive; that keeps getting caught up in one disaster after another.

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