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Adriana Boehm
The Slayer’s Reverse Harem: The Complete Series “This is a new author for me. The story captured my attention pretty quickly and kept me engaged trying to figure out what would happen next. It is always nice to be able to get the whole series in one audiobook. The characters had so much potential but the author rushed their relationships with instant attraction and no speed bumps to let their relationships grow. It was definitely a stretch to think that a vampire slayer out patrolling would quickly follow three vampires back to their nest. I wish there would have been more world building and character development. Narration was good and brought the story to life. This story has so much heat that it should probably have been placed under Erotica. There is more detail in their times in the bedroom than what is going on with the storyline and mystery behind the plot.”
Cain (Bones MC 1) “This is a short and sweet MC contemporary romance. I was not familiar with this author but I’m glad I decided to give this story a try. The main characters are likable and interesting. I loved how protective Angel was of the 3 children. It was so nice to see a MC taking in some young people under their wings. Narration was good and brought the story to life. There was an instant conflict between Cain and Angel. Their relationship went from dislike to love very quickly. I wish we could have had more time to see their relationship blossom. The story progressed at a quick pace and before I realized it was wrapping up. The story kept me engaged from beginning to conclusion.”
Reaper of Water (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 4) “I have enjoyed this series and this is the last book. The main character has three elements and needs to find the last one. Narration is ok. I was glad Charlie finally gets to go on a mission with Christina because he kept being left behind before. They spend quite a bit of time in the water world. This series has danger, suspense, drama, mystery, and a touch of romance. There are some twists and turns and we do get a good wrap up of the story. It was a bit different than expected but well done.”
Reaper of Flames (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 3) “The second book was my favorite and I had high hopes for this one. The story starts slow and it did take me awhile for it to capture my attention. There was more character development on the last one and I expected that to continue. Christina’s actions didn’t make sense to me at times and the story started focusing on her powers mainly. Narration was ok. I felt sorry for poor Charlie that seems to always be left behind and out of the loop. I don’t understand why she thinks so badly of the council, yet trusts them way too much. It seems like she cannot trust anyone. Old characters show up and we never really understand their angle in the story. There seems to be more action but I was surprised how nobody seems to care about getting prepared for such big missions. It’s more like let’s wing it with no preparation or plan to succeed. I think more character development and world-building would have made a world of difference. The story did not flow as smoothly as it could have been. Looking forward to book 4.”
Reaper of Wings (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 2) “This books picks up where the first one left off. The story sucked me in fairly quickly and kept my attention until the conclusion. I like this book much better than the first one. The characters are being better developed and there are unexpected twists and turns. Narration was ok. I sped it up a bit and it was much better. This book has mystery, suspense, drama, action, betrayal, and lots of intrigue. I’m still not sure how everything ties up but I have even more questions than before. Christina’s parents were much better in this one. They were pretty awful in the first book. The story is evolving fairly quickly and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next.”
Reaper of Earth (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 1) “This series has a lot of potential and I was in between a 3 and 4 stars for the rating. I liked the main character but I thought she was quite immature for an almost 20 years old. In my opinion, a little more character development and world building would have made a huge difference on the story. Christina’s actions did not make any sense to me. Her behavior was impulsive and she did not reason through anything to figure out the best outcome or consequences. I like that the story included not only reapers but witches and demons. Although, the other supernaturals were on the odd side. I definitely would have liked if the story had slowed down a bit with more world and character building so that some of their actions would have made more sense. It was a lot of information with little explanation or reasoning. Her parents are so strange that I’m not even sure they cared about her at all. Charlie was another character I did not understand. On one hand he hated her and the next time he is saving her. I felt like there was something missing in between the change of heart. Narration was ok. The narrator differentiated between the characters which is great but a bit monotone at times. There is a lot that is left hanging and I found it a bit too convenient how everything falls in place just right for her to complete her quest given by the strange council of reapers. I’m hoping the next books will explain what is behind the scenes. Overall it is an entertaining tale and I listened to it at one seating. I’m looking forward to finding out what will happen next.”