Castle of Blue Stones

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Volcanic ash has ruined the world and only remote outposts remain. At the castle in the mountains, covered by snow, everyone only sees shades of blue.

Except for Jaisy.

By day, she explores farther down the mountain. By night, she’s plagued with dreams of a panther and ghosts calling her name.

When Jaisy’s job sends her into the dungeon, she discovers a hidden room filled with dangerous information. There are secrets within the damp, stone walls that those in control don’t want anyone to know.

The leaders will kill to protect those secrets – even executing one of their own.

Jaisy will not go quietly into the blue night, no matter how hard the leaders attempt to silence her.

1 review for Castle of Blue Stones

  1. Mary Dean

    What a cool story! The element of what is real and what is not really pulled me in. The story starts off with a dream, or is it a vision? Jaisy is a survivor from the volcano disaster that destroyed the world. The ash took her memories. Or so she is told. She tries to fall in line and do what she’s told but there are parts of her life that don’t make sense. And she is having visions that plague her. And why does she have fangs and have the urge to kill? As the pieces come together us readers/listeners go on this journey with her. And when the truth is exposed your mind will be blown. And get ready to meet a group of villains that will make you want to reach into this story and slap them yourselves. This is a great adventure story filled with mystery and suspense. You’ll fall in love with Jaisy and her crew of allies. Get ready to have this story hit the heart. I loved it. I really hope this is made into a sequel. I don’t feel like we are done with Jaisy’s story yet. This narrator is the perfect voice of Jaisy. She portrays her as I would think she would be. This is a must read/listen.

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