Stage 3: Delta: (Volume 5) A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thriller


In a world already in flames, the virus just turned up the heat. What had been a miracle for one might just have doomed them all….

Horror master Ken Stark is back with Stage 3: Delta, the much-anticipated addition to the multi-award-winning Stage 3: Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series. With fast-paced action, intense suspense, and a cast of unforgettable characters, the Stage 3 series is a must-listen for fans of horror, Z-POC fiction, and thrillers.

They thought the worst was over. They were wrong.

After three long months at the ragged edge of survival, Mason, Sarah, Mackenzie, and the group have retreated to back roads and small towns in order to avoid the worst of the swarms. They saw it first in San Luis Obispo. The undead were changing. Evolving. Acting and reacting together in a kind of hive-mind. They thought it an aberration at first, but after traveling for so many miles and still encountering this upgraded version of the original monster, they have to face an ugly possibility: if the virus was really linking these creatures together, then every last one of them would be coming after the girl who had been plugged into the collective by surviving a bite. They would be coming after Mackenzie.

But danger in this new reality comes not only from the dead and undead. Others are out there. Others like them, doing what they have to do to get by. And every encounter with these others comes with the risk of death. They were 10 until a few shorts weeks ago. Now, they are nine. How quickly they become eight is anyone’s guess. But one fact is crystal clear: if what they fear most is actually happening, that number won’t stop dropping until it hits zero.

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